This design is the shop of Jiumaojiu Northwestern Food Street in Guangzhou Headquarters Racecourse Food Street (opposite the Racecourse Garden). It is considered the origin store of Jiumaojiu brand. Therefore, for this renovation design, Yongchuang hopes to help the old brand build a store. “This meal is really comfortable” evaluation is a good shop.

九毛九是一家结合了家庭手做的西北菜餐饮品牌,离不开小吃、烧烤、小菜、手工面等产品,他们把手工制作的传统流程延续。因此在设计上我们把设计的基调与九毛九“坚持手工,坚持人情味” 的理念结合,融入西北地域元素与未来复古主义建筑的造型,打造一个有温度的“西北荒漠感”的隐喻空间。

Jiumaojiu is a Northwestern cuisine catering brand that combines family hand-made dishes. It cannot do without snacks, barbecues, side dishes, hand-made noodles and other products. They continue the traditional handmade process. Therefore, in the design, we combined the design tone with Jiumaojiu’s concept of “adhere to handwork and adherence to human touch”, and incorporate the northwestern regional elements and the shape of future retro architecture to create a metaphorical space with a warm “northwest desert”.

Warm space.



The design team shares the same design philosophy as the Jiumaojiu Headquarters and agrees that “the store design should not be too’designed’, it must not be’zuo’, but it must be a little bit off.”


——永创设计 黄冠州

“Comfortable meal and temperature design” is the consumer experience that Yongchuang Design has always wanted to bring to its guests. Make customers feel at ease and trust from the moment they enter the door! “

——Yongchuang Design Huang Guanzhou

▲门头概览 Outdoor overview


To achieve a design that is not “zuo”, it is necessary to “naturally” combine tradition and modernity, so that the refurbished Jiu Maojiu has a new look and retains a familiar atmosphere. Therefore, we defined the main tone of this design as “future retro style”.

▲元素融入 Design elements

▲室内概览 Indoor overview

Local retro futuristic style.



In this design, a combination of retro nostalgic elements and a futuristic style with technological colors is used. This unique aesthetic created by the tension between the past and the future is familiar and unfamiliar, and it explores people’s curiosity about remembering the past and future imagination.

▲形态提取分析图 Shape extraction analysis chart


The styling elements of the northwest cave dwellings are combined with the retro-style architectural lines of the future in the 90s, and more chamfering techniques are used throughout the space and furniture design to fully reflect the characteristics of the future retro style. A large number of arcs and non-angular arcs can not only give the audience a round and comfortable feeling, but also create a natural sense of flow in the space.


Based on the northwest cave architecture, it gives guests a feeling of “time gate”. Through this “future”, it is actually a return to the “relative past”.

▲太空机舱式的卡座区Space cabin-style deck area


Regarding how to reflect the sense of the future from the retro, we boldly chose acrylic as the “freshness” material of the design. We have grasped the “gradient” and “micro-reflective” characteristics of acrylic to create a fleeting sense of light. Being in the modern age, it seems to capture the looming future.

▲渐变亚克力隔断Gradient acrylic partition

Special red.



The design team has also carried out a substantial transformation from the most intuitive main color design. In the face of the original high-saturation “Nine Hair Nine Classic Red”, the designer decided to “cool down” the big red, through layers of selection and deployment, In the end, a red series that was blended with “Luo Lihong” and “Yuanzhou Mouse” in different proportions was selected. This red looks more advanced but gets rid of the original hot feeling, and has more affinity while maintaining the original brand theme. With a certain stickiness, it continues the brand connection and integrates the past, present and future. The design team also named this red series a color number associated with the Jiumaojiu brand——“Jiuzhou Red”.

▲柔和的灯光设计 Soft lighting design


The “Jiuzhou Red” color system is highly adaptable in the space. The red of different saturation, lightness and hue establishes a coordinated and varied hierarchical relationship in the space, with beige walls and desktops as auxiliary colors , Let the space create a softer and more comfortable feeling.

▲材质运用图 Material application diagram

▲西北荒漠风景的抽象装饰画Abstract decorative painting of desert landscape in Northwest China


In terms of details, the design is inspired by the elements of “solitary smoke in the desert” and “sand with bricks and tiles” in the northwest region. The design team has considered the application of materials and used rough texture paint on the walls as embellishments and echoes.

▲墙体肌理自然形成柔雾效果The texture of the wall naturally forms a soft fog effect


We hope to match the disc terrazzo lamps with different materials to create a sense of collision. The rose gold stainless steel “small chimney” is supplemented above the round terrazzo lamps. In addition to considering the color matching effect, the golden “chimney” also means “ “Fireworks” are vigorous, and the “old” of terrazzo and the “new” of stainless steel form a collision of primitive and futuristic materials.

▲项目细部 Design details

▲空间局部 Spatial local


The circular shape of the disc terrazzo lamp echoes the double circular shape of the beam and column structure. The combination of the arc-shaped embedded card seat and the chamfered shape of the soft cushion and the frosted stainless steel brings a contrast between soft and hard materials.


Echoing the “slight break”, adding tropical desert representative plants to the windows to deepen the impression of “northwest flavor”, creating an empty and natural warmth, and making the overall environment look younger, calmer and more comfortable!

▲闲适的卡座区deck area

▲外立面改造对比Comparison of exterior facade reconstruction

▲室内施工过程 Indoor construction process

▲九毛九马场店 平面布置图 Floor plan











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