SINSTARMED is a famous beauty clinic brand in Beijing. NAZO was commissioned to transform its store located in Oriental Plaza.

流动 Flow


“Beauty” is different for each person. We hope to interpret the richness of beauty by flowing and changing space, rather than singleness.


How to provide fine and complete professional services in limited space is the first issue we need to consider. Based on this, we designed a coherent linear corridor to connect different functional blocks in series, ensuring efficient use of space area and convenience of circulation. Different design are used to deduce the parts of the corridor, making the space more fluid and trying to bring more diversified and rich experience to the linear corridor.



The heavy and sculptural micro-cement arc wall forms a contrast with the soft and transparent art glass arc wall and echoes each other.



Compared with the functional zones such as reception and waiting, staff room, detection and hair washing in front area , the back area mainly for treatment has higher requirements for privacy.As the spatial boundary mark of the two areas with different levels of privacy, the asymmetric shaped hole not only enrichis the visual level of the corridor, but also brings psychological hints and security to the guests for the upcoming medical beauty treatment.

生动 Vivid


Modern medical beauty has undergone a cognitive promotion from “imitating the beauty of others” to “enhancing the beauty of oneself”, which has become a way of life for people to take care of themselves. Guests who enter medical beauty clinics hope to obtain delicate faces through medical technology. More importantly, such beauty needs to be presented naturally. Vivid and textured is the advanced beauty under modern cognition. We expect that through the performance of the space, we can also transfer the understanding of beauty to every consumer who enters the space. Pompous modelling or luxurious material piling up is not our perception of high-level sense of space.




We hope that the guests can feel natural and comfortable in this space, and will look outward for beauty back to themselves, so as to complete a transformation of beauty in a relaxed attitude. The delicate and textured materials and the delicate and clean texture of the space itself, and the green plants full of vitality are implanted everywhere in the space, creating a comfortable, warm and trustworthy overall atmosphere.




柔美 Soft


How can a professional medical beauty place be trusted without being taken too seriously? We put transparent U-shaped glass and art glass into the flowing solid wall. Dim light penetrates through the glass, softening the whole space. Soft chandeliers and curved wall details make the space more soft and inclusive, and produce a more delicate connection with people’s emotions.
















Project Information——

Project name:INSTARMED

Area:230 sqm

Completion date:July 2021

Design:Nazodesign Studio

Project team:Tian Shaoyin, Zeng Yuxian,Li Ran,Huang Kaifeng,Zhang Qing

Decoration Design:Zeng Yuting

Luminaire:Dan Ti Hong

Material and brand:Cement,BENTU,Techsize

Photography:Misae Hiromatsu,Yuming Song (Beijing Ruijing Photo)