The design of HAY Wuhan Showroom draws inspiration from the repetitive courtyard set-tlements in Wuhan indigenous dwellings. Three courtyards are arranged in line each employing the imagery of “water(fortune) coming from all sides”, the sequence of which creates a explorable and mysterious maze. Each courtyard represents certain level of pri-vacy, as exactly in a traditional housing, it goes from the foyer, living room, dining space, and then to the bedroom, where life style scenarios composed of HAY furniture is dis-played. Proportional window frames are cut in sequence in various sizes to exaggerate the perspectives looking through, so that depth and richness of views are captured as one moves around, likewise in the traditional Chinese Gardens.


The concave gateway, translated also from traditional Wuhan housing, became the at-tractive entry. Side courtyards to the fire exit together with another big courtyard are ar-ranged beside the main ones, to accommodate office and outdoor furniture, while in terms of parties or events this open sector could be tuned into staging and speech mode.


Terracotta brick wall and stone masonry patio paving responds to the traditional housing as material and tectonic expression. Door handles are made from chair legs of HAY in lacquered and stained black oak finish, which stand for the interior and exterior side re-spectively. De-saturated colors are chosen for walls and curtains, from mineral colors ex-tracted from Yuan Dynasty paintings. They‘re perfect background colors, as they help make it feel like home for the customers when it comes to styling and matching. Raw concrete columns with construction details are kept and remained, which contrast well with refined furniture like contemporary drama played at the archaeology site. In fact, here on the stage, Furniture are Actors.


项目名称: HAY武汉店

设计事务所: Nota Architects

事务所网站: www.notaarchitects.com

主创建筑师: 钱诗韵



项目详细地址: 中国湖北省武汉市江岸区中山大道1515号武汉天地壹方购物中心1层21B单元

项目完成年份: 2019年

建筑面积(平方米): 367㎡

摄影师: 徐昊


工程施工: 成都科洋装饰工程设计有限公司

建材商品牌 + 产品:红色陶土砖、金镶玉大理石,厦门磊源石业有限公司、布料 Kvadrat harald2 242/harald2 212

Project Information——

Project name: HAY Store Wuhan

Architect’ Firm: Nota Architects

Lead Architects: Shiyun QIAN

Conceptual Design: Xiang GAO, Xiaofan WU, Zhen HUA

Construction Drawing: Xiao XU

Project location:

21B Unit, 1F,No 1515 Zhongshan Avenue, Jiang‘An District, Wuhan, Hubei Province, China

Completion Year:2019

Gross Built Area (square meters): 367㎡

Photo credits: (in ’first name last name‘ order) Hao XU

Client: HAY&SORT

Construction:Chengdu Liyang Decoration Construction Ltd

Brands / Products:Terracotta brick、Jinxiangyu Marble,Xiamen Leiyuan Stone Ltd、Fabric Kvadrat harald2 242/harald2 212