INDEFINITELY选址位于上海市新乐路158号,上海的潮流聚集地。SPACE 6的主理人找到我们时,明确表示了不间歇有活动举办使得空间无需拥有任何自己的色彩,希望成为一个“无定义”的存在。

INDEFINITELY is located at 158 Xinle Road, Shanghai, where the tide gathers. When the agent of SPACE 6 came to us, he said that there were no intermittence activities to organize so that the space did not need to have any color of its own, hoping to become an “undefined” existence.


由于INDEFINITELY 与客观的商业空间不同,没有明确的界定与商品,因此我们更愿意称它为“容器”,由每次的主题而演绎。作为SPACE 6首个与大众见面的项目,在INDEFINITELY 中登场的潮流证物室#The Evidence Room#主题的名人中古POP UP STORE将过百件横跨10年的潮流证物全部带回众人视野。

Because INDEFINITELY is different from the objective commercial space, there is no clear definition and commodity, so we prefer to call it “container”, deduced by each theme. As the first project of SPACE 6 to meet the public, The Pop UP STORE, a celebrity with the theme of #The Evidence Room # in INDEFINITELY, brings back to the public all over a hundred fashion items spanning 10 years.

▲通过货架的变化,12种排布方式给予了INDEFINITELY 许多的不确定性。 Through the change of shelf, 12 kinds of arrangement give THE INDEFINITELY many uncertainties.

空间内保留了水泥原始的质感,将目光聚焦在空间内唯一的装置上。 设计师对货架的逻辑梳理赋予了传统展示架新的定义,几乎囊括了商业展示的所有功能,货架的排布也可以根据商品需求而变化,单个的货架变化共有三种,多个的可根据需求随意组合。于商品,它是表达空间的载体,于空间,它是不可或缺的内核。

The original texture of cement is retained in the space, and the eyes are focused on the only device in the space. Designers give a new definition to the traditional display shelf, which includes almost all the functions of commercial display. The arrangement of shelves can also be changed according to the demand of commodities. There are three kinds of changes in a single shelf, and many can be combined at will according to the demand. In commodity, it is the carrier of expressing space, and it is an indispensable kernel in space.

▲货架的变化灵活多样,Flexibility and variety of shelves


The display wall in the space is presented in the form of box, and the extremely uniform array becomes the focus of vision. The light placed in the cabinet creates a sense of future in the space.

▲入口处巨大的玻璃门更像是容器的开口,以一种开放的姿态面对世界。The huge glass door at the entrance is more like the opening of the container, facing the world in an open manner.

百年内各式的中古物品都同时在INDEFINITELY 内展示,有很多都是主理人的珍藏,证词上描述着每件物品曾经或正在发生的故事,这些故事重新赋予了物品更厚重的质感,而它们,也在INDEFINITELY内熠熠生辉。

All kinds of medieval objects have been displayed in INDEFINITELY at the same time in the past 100 years. Many of them are the treasures of the principals. The testimony describes the stories that each item has happened or is happening. These stories re-endow the objects with a thicker texture, and they also shine in INDEFINITELY.





设计事务所:上海或者设计/OR DESIGN


项目团队:巫国源 唐子雯 回凌凯 占锦明