BigPapá is located in Qingguo Road, Jiangyin City. It is a collection of children‘s clothing with a taste and unique style.


“We want to be a collection store that doesn’t care about a fixed age and gender. We want people to interact with space, curious, look, stay or take a group photo. In the dynamic daily slice, it is found to be inclusive and There is no sense of intimacy that is thousands of miles away.” Surprisely, the designer‘s philosophy coincides with the BigPapá’s principal, Mr. Cheng and his wife, when they first communicated, so they have the perfect presentation of this work.


Adjacent to the “free-growth” shop around us, we hope that BigPapá will be more restrained and cleaner. In order to withstand the noisy and crowded traffic from the busy streets, there is contrast, buffering, and dialogue between the world and the personal spiritual world.


This is an interior space with rich texture. The overall atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant, placed in a cluster of reeds, swaying in the space with a restrained and quiet attitude. Delicate and intertwined, creating dramatic conflicts. The fainting of the slight sputum smoothes the daily emotions and life folds in the reinforced concrete.


The hand-made wood products in the room, the white sandstone in one side, the square window holes in the word line, and the ceramic utensils on the display stand all declare that they return to the daily life, strip away the unnecessary traditional decoration, and introduce nature into the building through art design.


People can reshape the beauty and warmth of time through space.







文案编辑:Da Lim


Project information——

Project name:BigPapá

Design Team:JCD.Interior Design

Project designer: Su xiaoyan


Project Year:2019

Copywriter:Da Lim