——现代建筑大师 伯纳德·屈米

Architecture is not just a matter of shape, should become the carrier of urban culture, Architects don’t just design a form, Create a social space.

——Modern architect Bernard Tschumi


Project background: “Let’s try new tea with new fire, and take advantage of the time with poetry and wine.” Drinking tea was originally a trivial matter in life, and modernist architecture aims to respond to people’s modern experience and the typical characteristics of the current society with new architectural forms feature. Therefore, we should treat it more seriously, and create a modern trend model with a sense of ritual in life with a super large composite space-T’TEA finally came into being.


Art, technology, and quality are blended here, and together they converge into the core value of T’TEA, which will render the cultural atmosphere of the city of Tianjin. The intention of the design is to create a pleasant and pioneering modern urban space, where people can immerse themselves and touch the quality of life with all their heart.


01 赏心乐事 · 现代传承Pleasure · modern inheritance



Invite three or five friends to sit around the tea stove, sip tea and chat at the same time. In the curling smoke, they calmly exude a leisurely attitude towards life. “Cooking tea around the stove” has become a social and lifestyle of contemporary young people. Different from the heavy and classic decoration of traditional teahouses and the threshold of tea ceremony tasting, T’TEA was born in the context of modernity, organically integrating the function, space and aesthetics of the building, and endowing the Chinese tradition of “drinking tea” with a brand new Connotation stimulates pioneering thinking on the dialectical relationship between inheritance and innovation, static and vitality.


Exquisite tea sets, cozy atmosphere, modern design concept… Stimulated by multi-dimensional information, the sensory system integrates into one’s own imagination, establishes a gentle touch to life, and forms an emotional resonance. Relying on this scene, the distance between young people and tea is disappearing, replaced by a warm and delicate, leisurely and unrestrained aesthetic feeling.


02 生活质感 · 科技赋能Quality of life Technology empowerment



In the hustle and bustle of the city, only paying attention to the trivial things in front of you is a disappointment to life, and people should live poetically. T’TEA uses a large number of washed stones, stainless steel, and red bricks to lay out a precise insight into the texture of life, creating a light, elegant, and appropriate space, and imitating the realm of comfort and wonder, and the ritual sense of life. With the fragrance of tea, release them one by one.


Technological empowerment makes the architectural details everywhere have the temperature of humanistic care. The advanced intelligent light control and curtain control system takes care of everyone’s emotions, and the indoor color temperature changes quietly with the tide of time. The BOSE surround background music complements the 6x3m ultra-large P2.0 full-color high-definition LED screen, forming an excellent spatial echo. Needless to say, I feel at ease here.


03 潮趣纷呈 · IP加持 Trendy and interesting · IP blessing



T’TEA advocates reconnecting people’s true emotions in a continuous and inclusive way. The wide and well-arranged space introduces Cubism into the building and presents it in a tidy and tidy way, bringing more connection and interaction, which can meet the multiple purposes of young people, including gathering, sharing and discussion.

TOCOO · 哆酷这一原创IP形象,无疑是年轻人强烈的个性化、符号化表达,用前卫而创新的表达形式碰撞无限活力,对当下的艺术风潮进行解构与串联,不仅传递新奇且富有潮玩气息的感官享受,更显品牌多元美学,确立独树一帜的空间风格。

The original IP image of TOCOO Doku is undoubtedly a strong personalized and symbolic expression of young people. It collides with infinite vitality with avant-garde and innovative forms of expression, deconstructs and connects the current art trend, and not only conveys novelty but also is full of fashion. The sensory enjoyment of playful atmosphere further demonstrates the brand’s diverse aesthetics and establishes a unique space style.


04 先锋思潮 · 全新形态Pioneer Thought New Form



T’TEA shows the thinking of architectural morphology and urban organization methods, and the application of new trends of thought, new materials, and new technologies in architecture, which fits the pioneering call of leading the trend. Architectural elements are organically and transparently combined to form a characteristic vocabulary system, which responds to new ways of existence with spatial texture, and embodies a modern spirit of anti-structure, anti-boring, and anti-static.


It is true that the randomness, alienation, and emptiness of human relationships caused by modernity are inevitable conflicts, but T’TEA does not avoid these dilemmas, and puts it into practice in terms of subjective perception, object changes, light and nature, and space experience, and finally Using tea as the medium and architecture as the inspiration, the contradictions are gently resolved. Behind the dense fog is the consistent aesthetic pursuit and social responsibility of the principal.


05 小结summary



New buildings, new scenes, new products, new people, new ways of playing… T’TEA has too many labels and possibilities. It is the echo of self-cognition and the creation of poetic modernism. There is more than one way of communication between people and space, and the multi-layered meanings and quality of life in it, let’s have a cup of tea, the answer is self-evident.














Project Information——

Project Name:T’TEA

Project location:Tianjin

Project area:300㎡

Design Company:Tactile Design

Construction Company:Haptic Engineering

Design directors:Zhang Yong, Ma Xin

Design Team:Wang Chengkai, Xu Yaqi, Sun Yanbo, Luo Qinying

Material application:washed stone, red brick, stainless steel, KD painted board

Design Time:February 2022-July 2022

Construction Time:August 2022-October 2022

Time taken:October 2022

Post-shooting:Hanmo Architectural Photography