Surfskating is a branch of skateboarding. It is originally invented by surfers to simulate the experience of surfing on the sea, also known as the surf trainer, so that people can experience the fun of surfing on land.


Surfskating has become embraced by young people. It is not only quick to start, but also has the social attribute and combines trendy artistic elements.

▲主入口及外摆区,夜晚伴随海风的音乐弹唱,增加了休闲惬意的气息 Main entrance and outdoor public area. It adds a casual and pleasant atmosphere vibe with the music playing and sea breeze blowing at night


01.友好界面A Friendly Space



Local brand Sixty-six from Shenzhen commissioned MOC to create a surfskate & skateboard experience store, with the expectation to integrate skating into life and combine street culture for a unique sports experience.


The project is located in the West Block of Shenzhen OCT OH Bay. It is surrounded by palm trees that bring a strong vibe of the ocean. MOC transforms one side of the building with folding windows to connect the interior and exterior, creating a friendly and communicative space.


02. 洞察Insights


碗池(Bowl)、泵道(Pump Track)……正是年轻人口中的板圈“术语”,都是指滑道的形态。我们发现,滑板爱好者和练习者常常聚集在滑道的周边,久而久之便以滑道为核心形成社交聚落–本次的设计的空间形态正是基于这一点。

Bowl, pump track… are the terms used by young people to refer to shapes of a skatepark. We find that skateboarders often gather around the track, and over time, social clusters have formed and the skatepark is the heart – the spatial form in the design is exactly based on this.

▲围绕滑道自然形成的社交聚落 Social clusters naturally form around the track


03. 以滑道为核心的聚合场A Meeting Point with Tracks as the Focus



The design starts from a circular track: due to the hot weather in Shenzhen, we tried to move the outdoor tracks indoors, with a pump track on the one side and a bowl on the other side to meet the practice needs of different players. The height of 6.5 meters makes the idea possible.


The orange pump track with highs and lows where young people riding in it becomes a unique view of the store.

▲在碗池滑行的少年 A teenager cruising in the bowl

▲泵道看向碗池 Looking into the bowl from the pump track

▲泵道细节 Details of the pump track


The orange pump track spontaneously divides the skatepark into different areas. The inner ring offers a semi-enclosed stepped seating, where surfers can sit and talk during the break.


The ring-shaped lighting on the ceiling echoes the ring-shaped track on the ground. The outer ring serves as the exhibition of various types of screens, devices, posters, etc. for a variety of different scenarios, as well as forming a versatile social spot around the track and stepped seating.


On the other side of the track is the bowl, above which, 4,500 wheels are used to create a dot matrix wall: 2 wheels as a group vertically and 5 groups as a patch horizontally. We design the installation method according to the characteristics of the wheels for easy disassembly and replacement. Each wheel becomes a pixel for creating different images and delivering fresh surprises for future crossover collaboration, event and release, art creation, etc.

▲“点阵屏”——现在显示Sixty-six,以后就不一定了 “Pixel Screen” – The display is Sixty-six and it is replaceable

▲滑轮细节 Detail of the wheels


The outer ring of the track is designed as a leisure and social spot for skateboarders, including a bar area and a display area for skateboarding and surfskating products.


The bar is near the main entrance and is embedded in the wall. Orange wall and skateboards light up the space. The other side of the bar is connected to the outdoors.


The product display is also the focus of the design: we set a small number of fixed displays, while more display props are designed flexible and versatile.


We make use of modular push-pull side panels, skateboard wheels, fixed tracks and hole boards to create flexible combinations for displaying one skateboard or more, which meets the needs of different scales of display as well as enrich the overall exhibition.

▲底部使用滑板滑轮,可在轨道上灵活推动组合 Skateboard wheels are used on the track for flexible combination

▲从滑道看向展品展示区 Looking from the track to the display area


04. 总结 Summary



In this project, we explore a social scene for those with a niche hobby through our small insight. The design is based around the skatepark, and the social scene also focuses on skateboarding from the inner side of the middle track. It gradually expands to the trendy culture and leisure life, forming a meeting point for skatesurfing.

▲平面图 Plan


项目名称: Sixty-six 深圳欢乐港湾滑板体验店











Project Information——

Project Name:Sixty-six Skateboard Experience Store

Leading Designers:Sam Liang, Alex Yang

Project Manager:Vivi Wu

Design Team:Li Juaner, Gu Songyu

Design Phase:October – December 2021

Completion:October 2022

Location:West Block, Shenzhen OCT OH Bay