Focusing on “Inspiration Tea”, HEYTEA is committed to bringing unique experiences to customers with supreme products and inspired art space. During its nine years of establishment, there have been over 800 Stores, each of which presents different design styles. Elegant, poetic, or gorgeous, what is consistent is the internal design thinking: how to stimulate people’s inspiration.


Brilliance of Ancient Temple


Every city is the epitome of a country’s civilization, and every Store is the silhouette of a city. With the internationalization of commodity market, the regionality of culture is gradually in trouble. Find unforgettable city memories and memorable history and culture, integrate them into the commercial landscape, record the years and traditions of a city and its times with spatial fragments, or resist the trend of one thousand Stores with one face and one thousand cities with one face.


On the development characteristics of Shanghai in the past century, the word “integration” is its most obvious feature. In thinking about the relationship between local culture and brand, the continuation of tradition and contemporary exploration and practice are the creative propositions. The design coordinates of HEYTEA Store at Shanghai Jiuguang Plaza point to natural skylight and regional characteristics. A balanced integration that reflects local culture and can convey brand innovation and dialogue with venue and nature was constructed, which creates a space full of emotion and experience.


In modern cities, buildings stand one by one, and natural light is obscured one by one. Every inch of land is gold is space, and what gold can’t buy is natural light. Through on-the-spot survey, the sunlight sprinkled mottled tree shadows on the facade through green plants for half of the day, and the site needed a wall to bear the tree shadows. The materials of the facade was intended to reflect the characteristics of the region. Between the quaint brick wall and the brand-new golden stainless steel brick is a critical point, and in the critical point, a brand-new field was created to link Shanghai’s yesterday, today and future in a lighter and more unruly way.


Therefore, the facade is made of glass curtain wall, which ensures the entry of light to the maximum extent. The light staggered at the top is refracted by many metal bright surfaces, scattered, clear and fuzzy. The Store is adjacent to Jing’an Temple, and the designer chose modern metal bricks to construct the space, forming a dialogue with this thousand-year-old temple. The upper facade and interior space of the building are arranged and combined from a unit brick, and a modern space full of sense of order is gradually stacked. The selection of black bricks is implanted with modern materials, and the metal bricks extend upward to the top in a straight shape and suddenly slow down. The details of the brick surface are depicted with city symbols and brand marks.


The seemingly simple but rich moments was captured in complicated life, to create a unique space with artistic conception. Different functional areas are divided by two arc-shaped structures indoors, and the inspiration of physical structure comes from the Stone House-a residential building with Shanghai characteristics; The facade is made of bronze, gold and sand stainless steel, and the Stone House I-shaped stacking masonry method is adopted; A gold-plated tea bowl built in the niche sets off against the minimalist creative Mazha chandelier.


The core of design lies in the grasp of scale and the establishment of order, extracting, separating, innovating and reorganizing from the established culture. What is fascinating is not only the art of order, but also finding a new context in a complicated environment, giving the place full of meaning and not heavy nostalgia. There is nothing new under the sun. For designers, innovation often means choosing between old and existing things, those which are turned a blind eye to and wait to be discovered, such as reading new poetic ideas from ancient meanings and discovering poetry from daily life.

设计师严谨缜密的结构推敲,材料工艺的考究 , 家具与产品的挑选既是再传达品牌对产品的匠心精神态度与卓越灵感的追求亦是对传统的现代提炼与回望,共生共融,换发新的生命力。将时尚与传统融合,不同能量场碰撞出来的活力,带来的是空间持续的、共享的记忆。

The designer’s rigorous and meticulous structural scrutiny, exquisite materials and technology, and selection of furniture and products are not only to convey the brand’s ingenuity, attitude and pursuit of outstanding inspiration for products, but also to extract and look back on the tradition, coexist and blend, and renew new vitality. Combining fashion with tradition, the vitality from the collision of different energy fields brings about the continuous and shared memory of space.






主创设计:马英康 马衍浩 张明统 王润维 黄树斌

参与设计:李家威 林婉铃 赵玳淳 梁颖仙 黎顺来 周钰秀



Project information——

Project Name : HEYTEA Store at Shanghai Jiuguang Plaza

Project area: 140㎡

Project owner: HEYTEA

Design company: UND Design Office

Main designers: Ma Yingkang  Ma Yanhao  Zhang Mingtong  Wang Runwei  Huang Shubin

Participating designers: Li Jiawei  Lin Wanling  Zhao Xiechun  Liang Yingxian  Li Shunlai  Zhou Yuxiu

Special thanks: HEYTEA team

Project photographed by: Cheng Xiaole