1965年Peter Boizot爵士在英国伦敦成立了Pizza Express 品牌,经过几十年的沉淀和演变,2006年第一家进入中国大陆的Pizza Express在上海开业并被命名为Pizza Marzano,至今Pizza Marzano 已在中国开设了59家餐厅。在特殊的2020年,Pizza Marzano为了迎接新的挑战和机遇开设了新的“黑金”品牌线——Marzano,并邀请JYDP间睦设计为其设计第一家餐厅。

JYDP was invited by to design Pizza Marzano’s first re-inventing, golden black line – Marzano, to rejuvenate the interior located in a brand new commercial plaza in Guangzhou. Since its establishment by Sir Peter Boizot in 1965, London, Pizza Marzano has opened 59 restaurants in mainland China after its first store commenced in 2006.

01 前期思考 what we have done before design

——“由外而内” growing from the outside to the inside

在设计Marzano全新空间之前,JYDP间睦设计已与Pizza Marzano 合作已久,打造了许多受欢迎的餐厅空间。基于对Pizza Marzano品牌发展求的认知和对当下消费人群对餐饮空间体验诉求的熟悉,本次Marzano的室内设计更加注重空间的多样化层次感和不同灯光运用带来的不同时段的用餐氛围,通过在不同区域打通室内外而产生多样的用餐体验,也带来室内外丰富的视觉享受和氛围展示,整体设计语言由外而内的延申,构成了连贯的空间氛围。

Before designing Marzano’s newly conceived space, JYDP has cooperated with Pizza Marzano for a long time to create many trending dining spaces. Base on the understanding of Pizza Marzano’s brand development and consumes’ demand for dining experience, Marzano’s interior design pays more attention to the diversified sense of space and dining atmosphere in a day brought by different lighting applications. Meanwhile, by blurring the boundaries of the indoor and outdoor, the space was designed to accommodate all-day dining experience and to enrich visual enjoyments and the overall atmosphere. The extension of the total-design language from the outside to the inside constitutes a coherent space atmosphere.

02 设计挑战 what we have encountered in this project

——“一以贯之” unifying the design with one principle


Possessing an area of 250 sqm, the site was equipped with 38-meter-long arc-shaped facade, and 7.3 meter indoor ceiling height. The client envision the restaurant to be an all-day dining, paying tribute to depth, friendly and comfortable connections, while break the boundaries between interior and exterior to attract patrons.


The unique site has become both a design feature and a challenge. In order to make the 38-meter facade transparent and relatively hidden amongst the building columns and fire-fighting facilities, starting from the left side, a continuous arch shape is used to form open spaces such as bar counters, entrances, rest areas, and display windows. Utilizing the enclosed facade of the kitchen area, the overall shape is continued, forming a photo-taking spot and a brand advertising wall.


coherent arch structure to highlight the unique facade with distinct layers

▲空间体块 space units

▲空间内部分区 interior partition

▲外立面开口,内外联通 the openings on the façade

▲根据不同室内功能区域,区分外立面开口类型及互动方向 openings division

▲外立面拱形开口形成 the forming of the façade openings

▲与框架结构设计组合为不同使用功能 combined with frames to function


The entire fa?ade is divided into 3 levels vertically, using tailor-made curved bricks and texture paint to generate a sharp color contrast. The hidden light strips and the light on the arches pop out the shape of the fa?ade at night, a sense of layering is born under the texture of urban landscape.

03 空间划分 what we presented in the space

——“突出层次,打破边界 “ highlighting the difference and breaking the boundaries


In thinking about the division of interior space, the designer has associated different functional areas with the facade according to the unique site conditions, and at the same time distinguished the opening type of the facade and the interactive direction of the circulation, so as to break the boundaries between indoor and outdoor. In this way, the plan not only cleverly caters to the narrow space, but also meets the demands for various functions and circulation.

“错落空间,别样体验” scattered space, tailor-made experience


The designer divides two highly scattered areas to present customers with different dining experience, and solve the alienation caused by the high ceiling of the space to create a warm and comfortable ambiance.

▲设计细节及各区域形成图解:details and diagrams of each area

▲室内增加区域划分及层次 pull off the floor to divide the area

▲用餐区域增加区域层次,并利用边缘形成卡座 the layers in the dining area and the edge to form the banquette

▲从墙面伸出的拱形结构呼应2个层次的用餐区 The arch structure extending from the wall

▲PMP多功能房间墙面呼应天花结构形成独立区域 the wall of PMP room to form independent area to echo the ceiling structure

▲靠外立面区域形成下午茶空间,紧临植物区域,外立面幕墙玻璃内凹形成户外座位及休闲区 The afternoon tea space is close to the plant area, and the outdoor seats and leisure area are formed by the concave glass of the facade curtain wall

04 整体体验 the immersive dining experience

——“层次分明,内外呼应” clear hierarchy, echo of internal and external space


Combining the sense of industry with modern design language, the design divides two dining space in the relatively narrow and long interior. The background wall corresponding to the curved glass facade is regularly arranged with a wooden arched structure extending from the wall to the ceiling, and orange lamps are added to form the overall shape of the central dining area.


The window seats are planned for the afternoon tea, echoed by the customized chandelier hanging irregularly on the ceiling. The open kitchen on the right of the restaurant also uses vertical wooden structure and light tubs as elements to connect to the wall design of the multifunctional room at the other end. The overall space uses the exterior facade materials to the interior, and is equipped with different areas and different lighting methods to make the overall space coherent and create a warm and delicate dining environment.

Marzano是JYDP为Pizza Marzano品牌升级打造,符合场地条件的全新室内空间。打破室内外边界的动线考虑、温暖舒适有层次感的氛围配以工业风的现代设计语言为周围消费者提供了一处餐饮休闲、休憩娱乐的好去处。

Marzano is a brand new interior space designed by JYDP for Pizza Marzano, which applies to the site conditions. Breaking the circulation of the indoor and outdoor boundaries, the warm and comfortable atmosphere with a sense of hierarchy, together with the modern design language of industrial style has been introduced to provide a good place for catering, leisure for the city consumers.



项目名称:Marzano 玛尚诺









Project Information——

Project name:Marzano


Design Studio:JY Design Practice

Leading Designer:Michelle Sun

Design Team:Leah Li

GFA:250 sqm

Completion Date:March, 2021

Materials:customized curved tile, wood finish, wood texture film, texture paint

Photography:Raitt Liu