Run Run Run是一个鼓励人们以不同的方式理解城市的餐厅,它把城市演变成一个游乐场,鼓励人们从家庭空间中解放出来,并通过举办有个性的活动让人与人之间获得更多交流。

Run Run Run is an ally in encouraging humans to use the city differently, an infrastructure that turns the city into a playground and a place for people to transform their bodies. It supports emancipation from domestic spaces and provides opportunities for interhuman gathering through activities that usually promote individuality.



餐厅空间类似一个城市里的农场,或是一座被困在现代建筑中的大房子,看起来像是温室与石窟的结合。餐厅一边有一个悬挂在半空的“蔬菜园”,Run Run Run厨房里使用的大部分食材都来自那里。

Its architecture is an urban techno-farm: a big house stuck inside a modern building; an assemblage of greenhouse and grotto, both protecting a hanging vegetable garden. A large portion of the ingredients cooked in Run Run Run’s kitchen come from this garden.



Organized around an open kitchen, the design intends to offer an alternative to the modern separation between zones to work and zones to eat. It hybridizes showers with lockers, the kitchen, the vegetable garden, and the dining room in a ecosystem-like interior.





项目名称:Run Run Run餐厅

设计事务所:Office for Political Innovation (OFFPOLINN)



摄影:Miguel de Guzmán、José Hevia、Asier Rúa

Project information——

Project Name:Run Run Run cafe

Design Firm:Office for Political Innovation (OFFPOLINN)


Location:Madrid, Spain

Photography:Miguel de Guzmán, José Hevia, Asier Rúa