Off Club由建筑师Antonino Cardillo设计,两层的空间共6米高,16米长的方形结构将金色的天花板与底部空间协调了起来。

Conceived, built and represented by Antonino Cardillo, The two rooms devoted to hospitality form a raumplan six metres in height. Extending right round, a quadrangular fence sixteen metres wide unifies the duplex space framing the base of the Vault of the Golden Shadows.

▲建筑师Antonino Cardillo



Constructed of two twin altars 7.22 metres long in black granite, both the bars — mixology on the upper floor and sushi on the lower — counterpoint the opposing sides of the palazzo towards the two rooms.



An iconostasis made from two twin black monoliths with elongated copper arches masks the face of the palazzo towards the road. Arches, rhombuses, triangles and discs seem to evoke archaic rituals.



Here, ancient and modern syntaxes find conciliation. Thus, this outline of physical and psychic scapes represents the idea of the architecture as transfiguration of the human.




项目名称:Off Club

建筑师:Antonino Cardillo

客户:Matteo Di Persio, Francesco Curcio


面积:450 m²


摄影:Antonino Cardillo

Project information——

Project Name:Off Club

Architects: Antonino Cardillo

Clients: Matteo Di Persio, Francesco Curcio


Floor Area:450 m²

Location:Rome, Italy

Photography:Antonino Cardillo