Tujuhari coffee是位于雅加达南部的一家多功能咖啡店。这个试点项目不仅仅是一个咖啡店,而是一个供任何与工作、艺术和文化相关的项目使用的开放平台,将不同背景、不同兴趣、不同活动的人们聚集在同一空间,共同推动着社会交往。

Tujuhari coffee is a coffee shop and multipurpose space located in the south of Jakarta. This pilot project is designed to be more than just a coffee shop but an open platform for any programs related to work, art and culture, where programs overlap and intersect in the same space. People with different backgrounds, interests, and activities coexist in the same environment which drives social interaction.


This space consists of a mini amphitheatre, working space, artist feature wall, small performing stage, vinyl station and a bookshop.Various happenings from movie screening night, book launching, music party, startup pitch meeting, art exhibition, and charity event can take place in the productivity chamber. All furniture in the productivity chamber is lightweight, movable and stackable. With the mobility of the furniture, it is possible to see different seating arrangement every single day following the event happening that day.


Sometimes a tangible space divider is required for particular events. Therefore, curtains are installed to help compartmentalize the chamber to ease space management.


Materials chosen for the project fall into monochromatic color spectrum. Practical and durable materials such as concrete, stainless steel, galvanized metal, White ceramic tile and cement wall are also opted for to supplement the mood. Red color which is Tujuhari brand color is used to highlight some features on this project such as metal plate door handle .


An exterior facelift is part of the design work. To wrap the existing shop house facade, permeable and lightweight material is selected as additional secondary skin. The folded geometry of the facade gives depth and texture on the building which makes it stand out from flat and monotonous row of typical shop houses.





项目名称:Tujuhari 咖啡店

设计团队:Studio Kota Architecture


项目面积:150.0 m²


摄影:Peter Sutedja, Kafin Noe’man Studio