almazán y arquitectos asociadosconcepto Highter de arquitecturapin studio合作,在墨西哥城的citibanamex中心打造了“星际穿越餐厅。顾名思义,该项目参考了2014年的科幻电影《星际穿越》。设计团队的主要目标是“将虚空转化为内容,将时间和空间交织在一起,创造一个具有强烈视觉感受的环境。”

almazán y arquitectos asociados, concepto taller de arquitectura and pin studio have collaborated to realize the ‘interstellar’ restaurant in mexico city‘s citibanamex center. as the name suggests, the project makes reference to the 2014 sci-fi movie. inspired by otherworldly places and the captivating mystery of undiscovered planets, the design teams’ main objective was to ‘convert the void into content, intertwining time and space in order to create a visually spectacular environment.’

almazán y arquitectos asociados、concepto Highter de arquitectura和pin studio设计这家餐厅的主要目的是希望创造一个能享受“外太空”体验的空间。为了实现这一目标,他们在起伏的墙壁和天花板上安装了超过250000个led灯泡。星星点点的灯光让用餐者沉浸在美妙的“夜空”里,同时与黑色的室内形成对比。镜面的餐桌也增强了这样的体验,食客用餐时可以看到成千上万个灯光的倒影。

to create the restaurant, almazán y arquitectos asociados, concepto taller de arquitectura and pin studio in essence sought to develop a space where the diner could enjoy an experience ‘outside this world.’ to achieve this, they have decorated the undulating walls and ceiling with more than 250,000 LEDs. this abundance of lights immerses diners in a glittering starry sky in contrast with the black interior. mirrored tables also emphasize the experience, allowing guests to see the reflections of the thousands of lights as they eat.


the entire restaurant measures 2152.78 ft2 (200 m2) in area. in addition to the starry sky, guests can also experience the otherworldly theme thanks to the bookcase at the entrance. a number of books are suspended from the ceiling, giving the impression of anti-gravity, just like in outer space.



设计团队:almazán y arquitectos asociados、concepto Highter de arquitectura、pin studio




摄影:jaime navarro、Divulgação