In East Sanlitun, there is a courtyard called “School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Beijing Union University”, which is now known as “Mechanical and Electrical Institute”, and its predecessor was “Beijing Normal Industrial College” founded by the Beijing Supervisory Bureau in 1907. It was formerly known as the “Beijing Normal Industrial College” founded by the Beijing Normal School in 1907. Now, people used to call it “Sanlitun Mechanical and Electrical Institute”.

In the future, in the offline community-based business model, various business forms will be grafted together in different forms to complete the transformation of “new retail experience store”, which will become a showcase for each other and a place for experience and consumption. In this case, Grand View is transforming an interesting cafe bar with a hair salon function in this hidden map of Sanlitun.

▲修旧如旧的沿街外立面 facade


Sanlitun is like an island parachuted into Beijing, shrouded in an exotic, artificial bubble. It has perhaps the longest and noisiest nights in Beijing, with crowds of people coming and going, while an “electromechanical courtyard” with no street frontage creates a unique and relaxed atmosphere. We based the project on preserving the historical memory of the original site while exploring the spirit of the site. Just as different molecules collide to form a new compound, the combination of hair salon and day and night wine is integrated into the diverse context of the Sanlitun district. By interspersing the blocks over the partitions, we have planned the different functional forms of the upper and lower floors, while pre-planning the future operation of the space and taking into account the flow of commercial bodies.

▲首层平面图 First floor plan

▲夹层平面图 Mezzanine floor plan


Since its completion, the building has been free to change and grow, constantly changing with the residents and the changes of The Times, leaving behind memories that cannot be copied and can not be reproduced. We hope that the intervention of the new space will keep a moderate distance from the original frame. On the street side of the building, the design will optimize the form of the old wall of the original brick-concrete structure system to form a facade texture that responds to the memory of the childhood of the courtyard. Let the old and the new coexist with each other: the value of each side is enhanced by the existence of the other side, and finally form an identifiable regional ip, forming a puzzle of the city.

▲外立面细部 details of facade


The design revolves around the combination of hair salon and coffee space, the basic strategy is to dismantle the three original independent spaces through the wall and step track nesting to complete a cluster containing multiple levels of commercial forms. Through the form of different levels of stairs, the first floor and the second floor are connected in series, and time and space are interspersed to allow a certain overlap and interchange of customer groups, thus forming a complete wandering line and creating an interesting visual and experiential sense of space in a limited space. On the one hand, the ceiling extends the “vision center” of the interior space, and on the other hand, it serves as the upper level of the passenger seating area with a dynamic track pointing to different business modes. At the same time, we also reorganized the whole space’s dynamic lines to make the space more accessible and purposeful.

▲室内结构穿插分析图 Analysis

▲动线分析图 Traffic flow view

▲从外部进入咖啡馆 The café interior view

▲从美发沙龙二层向下查看空间穿插 View the space from the second floor of the hair salon down

▲通过阶梯的嵌合将一楼与二楼串联 The first floor is connected to the second floor by a nesting of steps

▲阶梯穿插细节 Steps interspersed with details


Based on the re-planned spatial architecture, the interior presents a circular spatial structure: the central area on the second floor is an island space with multiple entrances and exits by opening partial passages. A hazy polycarbonate curtain wall is used to separate the businesses, avoiding the feeling of isolation and monotony. The atmosphere of the space is placed in a high-precision experimental factory, where the mechanical components suggest the progress of standardization and automation technology, and the high orange track conveyor belt is used as the scene unit of the exhibition through artistic expression.

▲从美发沙龙二层向下看向工作区域 Looking down to the work area from the second floor of the hair salon

▲二层客座区细部 Second floor guest area detail

▲橙色环形传送装置细部 Detail of the orange ring conveyor


The design of artificial lighting adopts a projection light-based performance method, and the aluminum industrial roof light guides the lighting, shuttling it in a linear form, forming a multi-sensory experience of change from one wall to another. The splicing and extension of metal materials bring a sense of flow to the space and release a quiet and stable mood. In contrast to the brightness and transparency of the upper part of the space, the coffee bar on the first floor is more spontaneous and subtle in order. The space thus creates a verticality, a clear echo of the relationship between top and bottom.

▲橙色环形传送装置细部 Detail of the orange ring conveyor


The wall of the coffee bar at the entrance of the first floor is decorated with a large amount of cement mix paint, releasing a cold atmosphere with a strong sense of coarseness. The reuse of terrazzo, stainless steel and aluminum panels gives the materials themselves a native look. In the area near the street, the corner of the table is partially set back to allow light to enter the space through the designed angle. In contrast to the brightness and transparency of the upper part of the space, the bar is more spontaneous and subtle in order. The space thus creates a verticality, a clear echo of the relationship between top and bottom.

▲吧台释出粗粝感强烈的冷性氛围 The bar releases a cold atmosphere with a strong sense of coarseness

▲吧台细部 Bar detail

▲一层客座区细部 First floor guest area detail

▲一台作为陈设放置在客座区的老式理发椅 A barber’s chair placed in the guest seating area as a display


This is our first attempt to participate in a compatible business operation outside of design and catering. All space design revolves around the experience of the site. We believe that space is not only a presentation of the physical environment, but only after trying more unknown business propositions can we dig out more possibilities of space design.

▲夜间酒吧的欢愉一刻 A moment of pleasure at the night bar



设计公司:DAGA Architects大观建筑设计

设计团队:申江海康靖雯, 韦娜王立枫







Project Information——

Project name:Coffee bar embedded in the hair salon

Design company:DAGA Architects

Design Team:Shen Jianghai, Kang Jingwen, Wei Na, Wang Lifeng

Project type:Interior Design

Project area:240㎡

Design time:Aug 2022 – Oct 2022

Construction time:Oct 2022 – Dec 2022


Writer:Teng Tianyi