Tropical Forest热带雨林咖啡店位于越南河内东达区Tay Son街298巷,占地面积170㎡。店如其名,热带雨林咖啡店的设计理念是在市中心打造一个真正的“热带森林”,通过提供清新、流畅的空气来减轻城市污染。

Tropical Forest is a coffee shop located on lane 298 Tay Son Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam. Construction on land area of 170m2 (170 square meters).As implied from its name, Tropical Forest is designed based on the idea of creating a real tropical forest in the heart of the city, offering a fresh, airy atmosphere to dispel the dust of pollution.



The main architectural style of this coffee shop is natural raw materials, surrounded by unique Terrarium vases as well as various species of indoor, outdoor plants. Plants surrounding makes it an ideal space for meetings, gather-ups or even those who seeks for a quiet corner.



Indoor furniture is designed from natural wood. The most outstanding feature of the Tropical Forest is an opened-glass roof attracting natural light with impressive wooden plank partition.




Moreover, the special wooden module system for the space above and opposite the bar counter is not only aesthetically pleasing but also function as a rack for decor and greenery.



Customers come here are mostly attracted by the green space,Tropical Forest is a tranquil coffeehouse that gives you a relaxing, cozy and comfortable feeling every day.









摄影:Nguyen Thai Thach

Project information——

Project Name:Tropical Forest Coffee Shop

Design Team:Tayone Design Studio

Floor Area:170㎡


Photography:Nguyen Thai Thach