Clean and sharp geometric architecture,

playing with globally sourced high-end fabrics,

meticulous attention to detail.

这是专属于“WANG FENG”品牌的型格




This is the stylish clothing line exclusively belonging to the “WANG FENG” brand, which represents the fashion philosophy of Wang Feng, a wedding dress designer, and showcases the avant-garde formal wear for 80s consumers through spatial language.


“续写“WANG FENG”的品牌文化与精神,成为更新设计对这一空间表达的解题核心。

“Fashionable, sophisticated, minimalistic, and exquisite. In controlling the overall space, we blend the interplay of architectural blocks with Wang Feng’s fashion philosophy to convey the brand’s design concept through spatial language,” said designer Zhou You

“Continuing the brand culture and spirit of ‘WANG FENG’ became the core of our design solution to express the space in a renewed way.”







Design focuses on space as the foundation, conveying values from the inside out to give commercial forms different dimensions of value. From shared values, defining space content, to creating scenes and conveying the brand’s inner spirit…

Under the guidance of brand personality and core, the space expression positions itself with extreme simplicity, exuding a sense of luxury in black, white and gray to signify the brand’s tone, as well as laying a foundation for products to stand out.

In terms of spatial expression, visual symbols and structures are used to convey the brand’s design approach with an understated architectural language. Pure architectural blocks are used to create a rhythm, echoing the brand’s design approach, consistently aligning and deepening the brand’s projection in the minds of consumers








Brand recognition has always been the focus of spatial expression. Designers set the emotional baseline at the first encounter between people and the brand. Extreme simplicity, with precise scales and artistic tension in building blocks and facades, quickly outlines the brand’s initial impression like drizzling rain on butter. The LOGO wall with WANGFENG as the background becomes the starting point, from the visual impression of graphics and text, to the spirit of design, establishing the window for the connection between people and the brand.

▲展陈区丨Exhibition Area

品牌的调性和精神,被设计提炼为具象的空间语言。极力摒弃过多装饰,只以体块构建韵律,与WANGFENG 品牌的服装理念一脉相承。人到达空间后,在气质上的识别,便借此完成。

The brand’s tonality and spirit are extracted by design as concrete spatial language. The excessive decoration is strongly abandoned, and only the body blocks are used to construct the rhythm, which is in line with WANGFENG’s clothing concept. Upon entering the space, people identify with the temperament and complete the recognition.

▲展陈区丨Exhibition Area


Expansive layout and the black, white, and grey color scheme are another important consideration in design, serving as a way to enhance the commercial value of the space. The main structure of the space is designed with a surrounding circulation, giving full control of the display of clothing and the communication of design concepts to the exhibition itself. At this point, the recognition system of the brand, products, and tone are gradually unfolded in the space.






▲爆炸图丨Exploded View

▲展陈区丨Exhibition Area

基于WANG FENG产品系列的婚纱和礼服两大类别,设计使用空间体块穿插的手法,自然勾勒出两大展示体系的聚焦。纵横交错的体块阵列,消解了传统橱窗展示的秩序,让品牌更自由、更近人。

Based on the two major categories of wedding dresses and formal dresses in the WANG FENG product line, the design uses the technique of interlacing space blocks to naturally outline the focus of the two major display systems. The crisscrossing array of space blocks dissolves the traditional order of window displays, making the brand more free and approachable.




The sketch of the spatial elements is inspired by the essence of the brand. The clean and concise geometric form pays homage to the brand’s style in an explicit way. This creative concept is translated into spatial language through structure, material, and color, and is deeply integrated into the core expression of the brand, enhancing its coherence and depth.

The artistic strokes of architectural aesthetics have brought the spatial design into close alignment with the brand’s design philosophy.

▲展台局部丨Part of the booth


In the design concept, the use of solid blocks serves multiple purposes. The layout is open and natural, full of variations. Various structural techniques such as framing and delineation are used to define spatial order, demarcate functional boundaries, and create an internal rhythm.

▲边柜展陈区丨Side cabinet display area


The design gradually progresses towards another problem-solving approach of value empowerment. Visuals become the silent language that guides the psyche, without the need for labeling, it outlines a consensus of movement, influencing people’s perception, experience, and behavior within the space.


▲休闲区丨Lounge Area.


Retreating into a more private and intimate space beyond the main exhibition area, where the brand’s tone and products take center stage, is another aspect of the design system. Attributes such as negotiation, fitting, and office work naturally take a step back and give way to the hidden and present space, creating a complementary dual system. The two systems complement each other without interfering with each other, harmoniously coexisting in the same space and time.






▲细节图丨Detail drawing


The overlapping of the geometric blocks creates a multidimensional and three-dimensional spatial effect. Beyond the aesthetic beauty of the geometry, the interactivity and visual transformation experienced by people within it creates a profound sensory experience. As people move to different locations within the space, the visual perspective naturally created by the angles of the blocks brings about varying sensory differences. The balance between solid and void is carefully considered, allowing for freedom of movement and choice.

▲细节图丨Detail drawing


Sunshine is the best lighting designer for spaces. The white space and transparency achieved by the designer’s skillful hands provide a stage for the interaction between light and wedding dresses.

▲细节图丨Detail drawing


The localized design aims to highlight the brand’s temperament and product positioning. Regardless of how the visual focus and edges change, each dress appears in the viewer’s sight with a perfect posture, calm and elegant. The design employs the art of subtraction to play with the visual, but always accurately grasps the primary and secondary relationships, returning to the essence of empowering business.


◉ “WANGFENG”礼服展示丨”WANGFENG” dress display

▲“乘风破浪的姐姐”舞台礼服丨”Sister in the Wind and the Waves” stage dress

▲Angelababy 精灵装丨Angelababy Elf clothing

▲助力黄奕、杨千嬅、江映蓉、孟佳、李菲儿、贾青等硬照服装丨Assisting Huang Yi, Miriam Yeung, Jiang Yingrong, Meng Jia, Li Feier, Jia Qing and other celebrities with outfitting for photo shoots.


项目名称:WANG FENG 礼服展厅设计










Project Name: WANG FENG COUTURE Showroom Design

Project location: Shanghai

Project area: about 600 ㎡

Design Institute:: Update Studio

Entrusting Party: Shanghai Manke Clothing Co., Ltd

Chief designer: Zhou You

Design Team: Liao Jinyan, Hu Huiyu, Tan Yunlong

Script Editiont: Qingge Media

Photographer: LLAP architectural photography