There is nothing beyond the text. So said Derrida.

Structure itself is the essence of the space.

With a history of more than 50 years,the Canada brand——MF Paints was rising fast on the domestic market in recent years. How to bring new features to the old brand?In this case, the designer Li Mingjin regards the showroom as an experimental field of deconstruction, and takes the five-level Rubik’s Cube as inspiration to reconstruct the spatial order. The limited space of 120 square meters has endless fun.




▲ 顺时针扭转的魔方空间The Rubik’s Cube space with clockwise twist



Inspired by the brand positioning of fashion,the Mingjin Design redefines the space order based on the ” five-level Rubik’s Cube “. The classic toys that are easy to learn and difficult to refine fit the fashion and professional brand core; The symmetry and rotation in the Rubik’s Cube structure give the space lots of connotation and mathematical beauty.

In the five-level Rubik’s Cube, the sinking sofa area and sky screen lighting are on the center axis. Outward, the second and fourth level of the Cube are the circular moving lines around the space. The first and fifth level gather the functions of front desk, product display and negotiation area.




Through the five level structure of the whole space, the designer abandoned the material wall and creates a metaphysical partition. On the one hand, the showroom areas are divided into independent space, which makes the showroom incarnate the theater being watched and focus on the beauty of the part; It also enables the experiencer in the physical field to have a broad view and make the most of the space.

▲展厅外围的魔方立面The Rubik’s Cube facade outside the showroom


The external facade of the showroom uses multi-dimensional and rhythmic geometric blocks to find a delicate balance between integrity and uniqueness. It not only enhances the richness and design atmosphere, makes the showroom stand out from the mall, but also echoes the Rubik’s Cube structure of the internal space, and gradually builds up the entity of the concept.



The designer cleverly cut the two corners of the space, resulting in structural deformation. On the one hand, it dissolves the load-bearing columns inside the space, on the other hand, it sets up a breaking point. The square cube seems to be being twisted by an invisible hand, and the whole structure becomes flexible.

The two cuts were hidden cleverly. At the entrance of the showroom, the sky screen lighting is used to simulate the natural light to supply oxygen for the green plants, highlighting the environmental protection attribute of the brand; At the same time, the circular wall uses the visual principle to make the colorful brand wall jump out of the parallel aisle, stimulate the curiosity of the audience and help to gain customers.The corner on the other side has a wide-angle window and geometric art installation to enhance the brand’s popularity and weaken the commercial attribute.






Starting from the 3D projection box at the door, the designer hides many metaphorical narratives in the space. Through step by step, one corner of the structure can be seen, and the whole picture of the Rubik’s cube can be seen,to form a overall relationship.

The bright yellow rectangular structure runs from the central axis of the door ceiling to the center of the space, and then 90 ° folding in half , it not only reveals the symmetry axis of the Rubik’s Cube, adding structural interest, but also buries an easter egg with the concept of “time”, waiting for the experimenter to reveal it.


The part of Rubik’s Cube is full of dramatic tension, revealing the three-dimensional properties of the space. The original rough stone and the natural landscape match inside and outside, strengthening the product characteristics of natural and environmental protection.


The Rubik’s Cube wall at the front desk is like a modernist decorative painting. The color attribute of space, the magic cube attribute of structure, get the most natural interweaving and dialogue here, everything is so elegant and introverted, moisten things silently.








How to present colors in the showroom is the core link to test the overall control of designers.

The designer integrates different colors under the theme of spring, summer, autumn and winter, metaphorizing the change of seasons and the flow of time. Together with the “time” easter egg mentioned above, creates a concept of four seasons life.

The dark green of spring, the cheese yellow of autumn, the fiery red of summer and the indigo of winter represent the independent space. It is not only a negotiation area, but also a life drama in front of the experiencers.

The micro cement throughout the whole space provides a neutral and stable gray tone, which makes the colors converge and balance in the space, and sublimates the artistic sense of the whole space.



Abandoning the material partition, the openness of the space is highlighted to the maximum, but it may also be too straightforward, losing the beauty and richness of the space.

Through various forms of the windows, The designer steal out intricate and secret light channels,in the regular order of the space, thoroughly stimulate the vitality of the space.



Another secret entrance of the showroom provides a similar and interesting space experience. Narrow and irregular walkway,seems to enter the Peach Blossom Land by mistake.There is light that seduces the spectator’s desire to peep.

The designer is familiar with the essence of landscape architecture, the micro cement reduces the overall brightness of the walkway, and makes the full color and bright sky screen in the space be displayed to the maximum. Passers-by can not help but see.



项目名称 : 魔方


项目面积 : 120㎡

设计公司 : 名津设计

软装团队 : 西緹设计

主案设计 : 李名津

参与设计 : 李栋金、庄坚荣、廖审

竣工时间 : 2021年3月

项目摄影  : 赵彬

主要材料 : 微水泥、天然石材磁化漆环保涂料

Project Information——

Project name : the Rubik’s Cube

Project location : Guangdong Dongguan

Project area : 120 m2

Design company : Mindkind design

Soft Furnishing team : CITE design

Designer : Mingjin Li

Design team : Dongjin Li 、Jianrong Zhuang 、Shen Liao

Completion time : March 2021

Project photography : Bin Zhao

Main material : Micro cement、Natural stone、Magnetization paint、Environmental protection coating