Architecture is not simply about space and form, but also about event, action and what happens in space.


▲项目外观 appearance

2021年盛夏,TOPOS DESIGN为国际酒赛金牌得主WAT打造了其上海首家鸡尾酒复合概念店,为魔都上海的城市更新种草了一处可以随时随地开怀畅饮的绿色都市丛林。

In the summer of 2021, Topos Design Studio designed the WAT’s first cocktail composite concept store in Shanghai for this brand which is the international wine competition gold medalist, introducing a green urban jungle where people can drink anywhere and anytime to the magic city, Shanghai.

▲折叠窗GIF GIF of the folding window


2021年初,WAT团队选择上海作为他们进军内地的第一站,TOPOS DESIGN受邀为其设计上海首家实体店。WAT源自英文中惊呼“WHAT!”的谐音,象征打破调酒规律的新尝试。“现实世界只有一个,而想象力无穷。”我们的设计观与WAT不谋而合,这是最好的开始。

In early 2021, the WAT team chose Shanghai as their first goal to enter the mainland market, and Topos Design was invited to design their first physical store in Shanghai. The WAT comes from its homophonic words “WHAT!” which symbolize the new attempt to break the rules of the mixed drink. “There is only one real world, but imagination is boundless.” Our design concept coincidences with WAT’s and this is just the best beginning of the story.

▲外观细节 details of the appearance

酒吧MTE Bar and MTE

我们在设计之初深度参与了首店的选址。在连续否定了几处在传统商业逻辑下的热点地段后,我们最终选择了位于上海市静安区巨鹿路758号的MORE THAN EAT(以下简称MTE)。《外滩画报》在2014年的专稿中提出了巨富长街区的概念,巨富长已经成为了上海最有活力的街区之一。MTE是巨富长曾经的荣耀,一个汇聚了世界各地小食的集合餐饮空间,“餐饮+”的运营模式已经成为了街区的独特记忆。中国的城市更新瞬息万变,上海更不例外:巨富长常在,而MTE日渐衰老,她需要新的内容和事件。

We were deeply involved in the site selection of the first store at the beginning of the design process. After successively rejecting several hot spots under traditional business logic, we finally chose More Than Eat (hereinafter referred to as MTE) which is located at No. 758 Julu Road, Jing ‘an District, Shanghai. The Bund magazine put forward the concept of Jufuchang Block in their 2014 feature, and now this block has become one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in Shanghai. At the same time, MTE was the former glory of the block. It is a catering space which gathers snacks from all over the world. What’s more, its operation mode of “catering +” has become the unique memory of this block. Due to the fast-changing urban renewal in China, although the Jufuchang Block still exists, MTE is aging and it is very important to introduce new content and events to it.

▲项目区位 site plan

▲图解 diagram of Julu Road

▲图解 diagram of MTE

自TOPOS DESIGN成立以来,我们每年都组织团队有计划的去“逛街”。我们热衷于通过步行和骑行来丈量和体验上海的大小街区。遵循文丘里在《向拉斯维加斯学习》中宣言的都市主义精神,我们要向上海,这座的伟大城市,学习。高楼大厦的间隙,是年轻建筑师的机会和挑战。通过老建筑和新空间的叙事性再造,我们希望能以具有时代精神的设计,优雅的介入城市的时空肌理。

Since the founding of Topos Design, we have organized teams to visit streets in a planned way every year. We are passionate about measuring and experiencing different sizes of neighborhoods of Shanghai through walking and cycling. In keeping with the spirit of urbanism proclaimed by Venturi in “Learning from Las Vegas,” we need to learn from this great city, Shanghai. The gap between high-rise buildings is opportunities and challenges for young architects. Through the narrative reconstruction of old buildings and new Spaces, we hope to elegantly intervene in the space-time fabric of the city with the design which is full of the spirit of The Times.


Therefore, in the first WAT store located on Julu Road, we plan to use a minimalist spatial narrative to inject great vitality into the tiny volume.


▲室内概览 overview



The site is located at the southeast corner of MTE. Although it is along the street, there is no independent entrance along the street. The boundary of the site creates a rectangular space of 8 meters long, 5 meters wide, 4 meters high and 160 cubic meters in volume. In this small square box, we redefined boundaries, scale and function, and created a green jungle which is full of the spirit of urbanism with restrained but balanced design.

▲主入口 the main entrance

▲体块生成GIF generation of the volume GIF

▲入口灯箱 entrance light box

▲入口看向窗外 looking out from the entrance

▲旋转吧台 rotary bar


The boundary is made to be broken. We used different opening strategies on the four sides of the box. Stripped of decoration, the architectural structure of the site is composed of four T-shaped columns, which is a kind of the cross-symmetrical spatial structure. First of all, we designed two functional walls on the north and south sides, which are accurate to centimetres, with various refrigeration equipment, strong and weak electrical panels as well as extreme storage space concealed in a delicate way. Two parallel functional walls enclose a hollow box that connects the east and the west, allowing people to freely enter and leave MTE. On the north side, along the inner street, we only left a small opening in the inner area of the bar. Besides, horizontal refrigerator was used to increase the operating surface and display products, which also became a window to interact with visitors in the inner street of MTE. On the south side, along the street surface, we transformed the original sliding Windows into folding Windows, blurring the sense of boundary between indoor and outdoor space, and conversing with the city streets. The extended windowsill serves as MTE’s memory of the site and becomes a long bar for indoor as well as outdoor space.

▲入口看向冰箱 Looking at the refrigerator from the entrance

▲旋转吧台看向窗外 looking out from the rotary bar

▲剖面图 section


Everything about the materials, lighting and signage was designed to be just right clear. Although the square box is abstract and conceptual, the cover of jungle green terrazzo gives the square box a warm and moist texture, making it full of oxygen and makes the box a metaphor for a green urban jungle. The insertion of the snowflake galvanized sheet suggests the design of the opening, confirming the existence of the hole as the second level of space. Semicylindrical custom-made acrylic light boxes appear in sequence above each opening and reinforce the functionality of the opening with straight signs. In addition, the first WAT store in Shanghai will be a retail store during the day and a bar at night. Therefore, in order to meet the different operating modes, we equipped the space with surround sound hanging sound system and the lighting system with adjustable illumination level.

▲座位区 seating area

“让吧台动起来!”这源自WAT创始人Royal的奇妙灵感。如果形式(Form)看基本功,幻想(Fiction)就需要想象力了。拒绝正襟危坐,如何做到随时随地的饮酒,我们必须重新定义吧台。5米的面宽,我们任性的布置了一个宽1.2米的中岛吧台,内置旋转履带,让WAT不同口味的鸡尾酒小方瓶以前所未有的方式出现在顾客眼前。立饮,是一种喝酒的姿态,也是一种即刻的态度。高1.2米悬浮中岛吧台的外圈是30厘米宽的台面,人们可以自在的倚靠,把玩空置的小方瓶,与友人谈天说地,以陌生人相视而笑。吧台正上方悬挂一组LED显像装置,跑马灯循环播放“SOOOO WAT”,成为品牌的视觉输出的同时,也为未来的内容播放预设无限的可能性。

“Get the bar moving!” This was the curious inspiration of WAT founder Royal. If form depends on basic skills, fiction requires imagination. Refusing to sit up, and how to drink anywhere and anytime, we have to redefine the bar. With a width of 5 meters, we arbitrarily arranged a 1.2-meter wide island bar with built-in rotating caterpillar, allowing customers to see the different flavors of WAT cocktail bottles in an unprecedented way. Tasting while standing is a drinking gesture as well as an attitude. The 1.2 meter high floating central island bar is surrounded by a 30-centimeter-wide table, where people can lean on, play with empty small square bottles, chat with friends and smile at strangers. A group of LED display devices are suspended directly above the bar. The running lights play “SOOOO WAT” in a circular way, which becomes a kind of the visual output of the brand and presets infinite possibilities for future content.

▲MTE内沿街面 the inner street of MTE

▲连接MTE的窗口 indoor window


The WAT store in Shanghai is not just a retail or a bar, but a social center for youth and freedom. “The green urban jungle, a beverage shop for adults, an amusement park for drinking” is depicted by different media and individuals, which is exactly the declaration of French architect Tschumi in Manuscript of Manhattan: “Architecture is not simply about space and form, but also about events, activities and what happens in space.”

▲旋转吧台 rotary bar



On July 16th, the first WAT store in Shanghai was officially opened. My team and I gathered together in this green jungle with less than 50 square meters to drink. Looking at the endless rotating bar, more and more cubes of ice and color flowing in the bottles and cups, listening to the soft background music, the laughter of the crowd and the sound of traffic from Julu Road, facing the familiar Shanghai becomes so vivid, I started thinking: what does architecture mean to me? Just the present flowing feast!


Anywhere, anytime, drinking!

▲平面图 plan





项目设计 & 完成年份:2021.01至2021.07











Project name:GREEN URBAN JUNGLE / WAT, the First-ever Store in Shanghai


Design year & Completion Year:2021.01 to 2021.07

Principle Architect:LIN Chen

Project Architect:FENG Zixiang

Design Team:WANG Lei,XU Zijie,WANG Bihu

Project location:Shanghai, China

Gross Built Area (square meters):42m²

Photo credits:ZHU Runzi

The construction side:Shanghai JIANYUAN Decoration


Materials:Terrazzo,galvanized sheet,stainless steel,acrylic plate