As one of the happiest cities in China, Chengdu has a special “slow life” urban culture compared to other first – and second-tier cities, and it is harmoniously interwoven with the fast developing cities. The city is like an exciting cocktail, the atmosphere of entertainment and leisure filled the streets, and people of all ages can bring the city’s laid-back ecology to bring energy around the clock.

This is also the third store that MOOTHAN Design has collaborated with Fillxskin· Yan. The brand new Yansuo is located in Chengdu Youfang Shopping Center. The crisp black facade, like a half-open box, stands on the outside, attractive and naturally mottled. Through our design, we continue to engage the curiosity of our guests and constantly interact with the brand.


Ambiguous entrance space

Since the original site of the project is a narrow rectangular space, how to establish a dramatic immersion and effectively guide the movement of the crowd is a problem we have been paying attention to and thinking about. In a market that is surrounded by the commercial atmosphere of the past tense, it is the underlying logic of our design to make Yan Suo a recognizable, different, yet restrained presence.

Scale is the most important medium and means to shape the space in the atmosphere creation and switching of the whole space. We pay attention to the most direct sense of space, and through the control of open or tense scale, visitors can increase the sense of exploration of space experience.

The wall twist implies spatial orientation through a narrow space transition. The space is dark first and then light, and we combine the streamline to create a small space effect, creating the internality of the space and the openness of expansion. The strong tone echoes the natural material, follows the concise construction of the scale, and extends the traction atmosphere to give this space a clear and leisurely field. The inherent texture of the material, due to the simple shape highlighting the surface texture, under the action of the light source, it is a peaceful and quiet.

The moving line of the entrance door is composed of simple geometric structure, which reflects the design idea of “can swim and hope” in the expression of vision and space. Entering the foyer arouses people’s curiosity, and the unique temperament of this official brand is revealed inadvertently.


Sites with a layered structure

In order to avoid making a narrow space, our strategy is to create a rich layer and depth by allowing visitors to constantly walk, touch and look in it, and visually enhance the architectural sense of the interior space. The overall space is pure and clean, strengthening people’s perception of space framework and order.

Design desire expression,But they also tend to non-reproduction,Abstraction and internal structure.

We emphasize the high integration of the material itself and the space. In the connecting corridor, we abandon the traditional lighting fixtures, and instead use the soft light generated by the soft film ceiling to outline the contours of the space. Visitors who step into this space will unconsciously walk along the dim light space at the end, while making the handmade art paint can be touched and felt.

Our performance of space is still restrained, independent, not deliberately pleasing, we pay more attention to the exploration of space spiritual function requirements, visual reflection of psychological feelings, emotional infection and so on.


Collision of Space Colors and Pure White

In the space, a large amount of white space creates a simple surface. The overall space is pure and clean, strengthening people’s perception of space framework and order, and the use of transparent materials removes complexity and retains authenticity. Infinite bright things are born in infinite space, forming infinite variable possibilities, poetry and emerging waves also blend and collide here. Thus, the sensations of the body and the existence of what is happening allow the ideal life to take place here.

The process of design is to explore the interest and unknown in the space. The collision of light and shadow movement and metal elements of future science and technology inspires infinite interaction and experience between users and the space. In the space, time is simmered into an art, light and shadow are given a rhythm, let the natural fermentation produce a new order, you can harvest unexpected beauty.

Self-output as the core to produce local radiation, to promote spatial infiltration, the formation of intersection. Ring enclosure, suggesting the idea of the objective environment intervention; Not as a destination, but as a visible bearer. Based on form and state, materialized thought draws the emotion of experiencers to resonate.

In modern urban life, we try to play an efficient, rigorous, perfect “he and I”, while the relaxed, casual, pleasure-seeking “I” is often nowhere to be placed. When the mind controls the experience too much, we no longer feel the exuberance of vitality, nor can we be whole in a world that seems full of rightness but is barren.

Yan’s bustling interior under its simple appearance provides emotional value for people in modern urban life. We can’t escape from reality, but we can gain power in science and technology. The re-start after repair makes us more determined, more determined and more peaceful after release.



项目名称 :颜所·Fillxskin成都悠方购物中心店