For new domestic commercial formats, light medical beauty is also a “new species”. But medical beauty has become a necessities of the Z generation, constituting and enriching a part of the spiritual life of the Z generation. As the mainstream group that promotes the development of emerging businesses, Generation Z, their group preferences and consumption habits have a profound impact on the iterative method and innovation direction of business.

01. Z世代新兴快时尚 A new destination for Gen Z

Z&BEAR品牌联合MOOTHAN. Design末染设计打造的Z&BEAR首个全国水光便利店旗舰店,位于武汉最美丽、最摩登、最有腔调和情调的楚河汉街。
Z&BEAR was born in response to the new consumer needs of the Z generation, covering a variety of projects such as Shuiguang convenience store, black technology baby light, and Remag. It satisfies the exploration of beauty for people of many ages. Pursuing beauty and freedom, lightness and agility are unpredictable. This kind of skin is often more tough and calm. Since its birth, it has spared no effort to devote itself to women’s global fast fashion and light medical beauty brand.
Z&BEAR’s first national flagship store of water light convenience store, created by Z&BEAR brand and MOOTHAN.

▲地理位置 Geographical Location

▲外立面一角 A corner of the facade

Contemporary women are an amazing phenomenon-level collective consumption in the field of technological beauty. Behind the extreme attention and maintenance of appearance is not pure consumerism, but in essence, it is the uproar of contemporary feminism. From anti-patriarchy to anti-patriarchy to return to gender type observation and self-release. The evolution of the concept of feminism has so far released the “gender customs” that lie above gender and entered the self-recognition of essentially gender.

▲店铺入口 Shop entrance

2. 4层楼高的“盲盒”外立面 4-storey blind box-featured facade

The designer took advantage of the scale of the facade to create a 4-story building with a blind box version of the facade composed of “boxes”, neat and orderly, making the brand stand out in the entire block, like waiting The blind box opened and explored attracts passersby into the store to find out. At night, when the lights are turned on, the main color of yellow is recognizable enough to not only attract eyeballs, but also become a medium for Z&BEAR to express its brand attitude to the outside world.

▲门厅看向大厅空间 The foyer looks towards the lobby space

▲后区看向门厅 The back area looks towards the foyer

3. Z号舱——蜕变与新生 “X Ark” — rebirth after doomsday

In order to make the brand and space present a complete sense of experience, the designer uses the “aviation cabin” as the theme, and uses space to tell the skin about rebuilding such a scene of “transformation and rebirth”. Cabin Z is the beginning of all beauty and change. The spiritual ark of the Z generation is a new starting point for young people. The views of generations have evolved into today’s universal men and women, even if they only start from the appearance of a huge self-construction.

▲门厅空间Foyer space

▲展示空间 Exhibition space

▲建筑的交通枢纽 Building transportation hub

The original site is divided into three long and narrow spaces with upper, middle and lower floors. Based on the original intention of the design, we reuse the space efficiently, and strive to convey the unique Z&BEAR through the orderly and layered multi-level spatial relationship in the space. “The New 2.0 Era”.

4. 轻微冲击,依旧朋克 Slight impact, still punk

In order to break the sense of emptiness brought to the space by the super high-rise hall, and to maximize the use of space, the designer divided the original high-rise space into two, but restrained only half of it, and built it in the second half. A platform is added to make the space more layered and more usable, and the interspersed elevator shaft makes the simple space more magnificent.

▲巨大的穿插结构,造就空间宏伟结构 The huge interspersed structure creates the grand structure of the space

Cement boards are used in the space to restore the original exposed concrete beams and columns presented by the demolition and stripping, and restore the original state of the building structure. Under the embellishment, cyberpunk is beginning to appear, which is cooler, more fashionable, and more future.

▲看向卸妆台 Look at the makeup remover

▲不锈钢换鞋柜,幽暗的反射 Stainless steel shoe changing cabinet, dark reflection

Just as the cement texture of the main space does not point to coarse grains, on the contrary, the cement texture is adjusted with skin-like fineness and precision, while still presenting a calmness of gray tone on the whole. The reflection of glass and stainless steel emphasizes the lightness and translucency of rising. Two completely different or even contradictory textures bridge the framework and drama of the overall space.

Through the construction of bright and cloudy, strong and soft forms of collision to produce a quite dramatic commercial space experience, through the tough and calm appearance style and perceptual space concept to try to describe the inherent complexity of the interweaving.

▲通往二楼,上下楼层贯通 Leading to the second floor, through the upper and lower floors

5. 建筑体量感通天结构 Building volume sense through sky structure

▲平台上的视角Perspective on the platform

The designer set up an elevator shaft with a height of more than ten meters in the space, passing through all the floor slabs, and visually unifying all the floor spaces as a whole. At the same time, the stairs that revolve around it have also become the check-in point and art installation in the store, looking up from the bottom up, extending from the ground up, full of power and sense of the future, science fiction and mysterious.

▲二层空间 Second floor space

▲利落的线条分割开放的空间 The clean lines divide the open space

The set of transparent glass handrails blurs the physical boundaries between the spaces, and the flow of people stimulates the desire of exploration of the people who come to the store. They are overwhelmed and dazzled, and they are in an endless space for exploration.

6. 专属“水光便利店”Exclusive “Shuiguang Convenience Store”

The brand LOGO chooses green that escapes from the space as the main color of the space, and the bright green can make visitors’ eyes stop for a long time.

Here is the window for consumers to interact with the brand. It is a space and platform for consumers to discover beauty, explore the unknown, and express themselves. It is a new exploration in scenes and an experience that exceeds expectations to convey brand attitude and brand value to users.

▲与传统美容场所的迥异的空间形式 The space form is very different from traditional beauty places


▲空间轴测图Axonometric drawing

Through the brand culture, space nature, etc., MOOTHAN. design combines layer-by-layer element characteristics in series to bring a new arrangement to the new space. From point to surface, from big to small, it clearly tells the spatial logic of the same line. The language of the space, the emotions that I want to express, and the things I want to express are all the design directions that Ender has worked hard to do from the beginning to the end. In this space creation, the brand culture, function supremacy, structural breakthrough, and artistic temperament are integrated, so that the space can be expressed in a simple and pure way and get more freedom and release.
In the future, the Z&BEAR brand will continue to bring surprises to the market and consumers, let us look forward to…