“ 一水绕苍山 苍山抱古城 “


The ancient city of Dali is located under the Cangshan Mountains and adjacent to the Erhai Lake. It is surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the mountains and the sea, making this city full of unique cultural customs. The person in charge, Su Su, is a native of the Bai ethnic group. He is rooted here and has a deep love for this land. Therefore, the designer Shen Mo and Zhang Jianyong are specially invited to jointly create a designer hotel full of feelings.


” 建筑与平衡 ” 


After analyzing the original structural model, the designer disassembled and reorganized it to generate a new volume structure. According to the function of the floor, the underground parking lot, basement, public space, guest room and roof garden are planned. The hotel is named White Balance, which means to follow the balance and tacit understanding with nature. Architecture and nature coexist and grow freely in this space.


The facade of the building is wrapped in white paint and decorated with grilles, which complements the beautiful scenery of Cangshan not far away, like a piece of snow falling from Cangshan.

The designer visited the local culture and environment and found that there are scattered alleys in the ancient city, and every household has a wall in the courtyard. Therefore, the original entrance was changed to a side entry method, which increased the sense of ceremony of entering the house.


 ” 新与旧 ” 


The concept of “One water surrounds Cangshan Mountain and Cangshan Mountain embraces the ancient city” has always run through the entire building. The water system on the roof flows to the courtyard and the basement, as if melting snow nourishes the land.

枯山水景观化成了另一种形象的山与海,呼应着苍山与洱海的存在,仿佛是当地人民的精神信仰,感受一切来自自然的馈赠。庭院内的古茶树颇有来头,拥有着三百年的历史,与现代化的设计相碰撞焕发出了新生命。The dry landscape has turned into another image of mountains and seas, echoing the existence of Cangshan and Erhai, as if it is the spiritual belief of the local people, and feel all the gifts from nature. The ancient tea trees in the courtyard have a long history, with a history of three hundred years, and they collide with the modern design to give birth to new life.

A piece of waterscape, dead wood and stones create a scene of “Erhai Lake”, light and shadow splashing down the water surface, the original boring basement adds a touch of agility.

走在敞开式的一层空间,客人可以自由地穿梭于咖啡厅和书吧等各个区域。透过大落地玻璃,与街边的景色进行对话。Walking in the open first floor space, guests can freely shuttle through various areas such as cafes and book bars. Through the large floor-to-ceiling glass, dialogue with the street scene.

The western-style fireplace at the corner is combined with old wooden beams, and the kerosene lamp is just right for decoration. The modern lifestyle collides with the local culture. Modern young people have a new understanding of national culture.

Tie-dyeing is a characteristic craft in Yunnan. The implantation of this pure blue in the space creates a new chemical reaction with the space.

The space is not only used as a rest, but the designer hopes to exhibit local art here to show the diversity of national culture. The colorful costumes of ethnic minorities and their singing and dancing personality are shown here one by one. The black three-dimensional volume in the space represents the steep snow-capped mountains standing in front of the eyes, while the colorful paintings represent the romance and mystery of the southern part of the colorful clouds.

Pu’er tea is one of the characteristic representatives of Yunnan. As a fermented tea, the designer mainly uses dark colors in the tea room. It contrasts with the white moon installation on the wall. Facing the Cangshan Mountain in the distance, taste the local Pu’er tea and feel the unique cultural experience.

The staircase connects the direction of the flow of guests in the space, and the glass skylight allows the blue sky and white clouds of Dali to reflect into the room. Natural light is the best design without the decoration of lights.


” 流动画卷 ” 


Ten guest rooms are integrated with local elements, tie-dyeing craftsmanship, snow mountain scenery, karst caves and other landscapes. Let the indoor and outdoor talk to each other.

The windows are like a magnificent picture scroll, looking at the natural beauty in the distance, feeling the satisfaction and happiness of the moment.

Each guest room has an exclusive color temperature number as its name, and the color temperature number is used to convey the brand connotation of white balance.

米色涂料与蓝色肌理质感的体块相碰撞,蓝色是传统的染料亦是天空与海的颜色,包罗着天地万象。Beige paint collides with the volume of blue texture. Blue is a traditional dye and the color of the sky and the sea, encompassing all things in the world.

设计师通过拱形的结构设计,让云南独特的溶洞景观融入室内,光影交错间增加了时光的美感。Through the arched structure design, the designer integrates the unique karst cave landscape in Yunnan into the interior, and the interlacing of light and shadow adds the beauty of time.

The round hollow shape is topped with a yellow light strip, which simulates the soft light of the moon, and the space becomes more vivid and interesting.

The stone-textured wall enriches the level of the space and enhances the original and natural texture.

The three-story landscape room is designed with large floor-to-ceiling glass, you can see the beauty of Cangshan in the distance, and the outdoor balcony is closer to nature.

The bathtub is facing the large floor-to-ceiling glass, so you can enjoy the lifestyle gifted by nature.

Old wooden beams traverse between the building blocks, creating a new cultural exchange.

The designer uses white balance to create a lifestyle suitable for the local area, hoping that travelers can stop here and experience the peaceful time that belongs to Dali in another way.

白日依山, 苍海平衡






项目名称 :白平衡设计师度假酒店

设计单位 : 杭州时上建筑空间设计事务所

设计内容 : 建筑改造、室内设计、景观设计

主案设计 : 沈墨 、张建勇

灯光团队 : 乐翰照明工程

项目规模 : 1200 ㎡

项目摄影 : 叶松、瀚墨视觉

项目地址 : 云南大理

完工时间 : 2021/12