Women, more than anything else, are great because of their dedication and lack of regret in nurturing life.


Stretch marks are the “glorious traces” of the outward appearance of a pregnant mother.Today, with the prevalence of love for beauty and the advancement of modern biotechnology, the great ones have more suitable beauty options.


D&M creative company was commissioned by Xi’an Ruxin Beauty Biotechnology Co., Ltd. to create a space experience that fits “return to the micro-ecology of the skin and revitalize the new energy of beauty”, finding a balance between aesthetics, context and function.


As a commercial space mainly for female consumer groups, especially the unique soft sensitivity of first-time mothers or soon-to-be mothers, it is inevitable to create a soft and stress-relieving space atmosphere.


The white arch at the entrance to the street store outlines the light and soft visual effect with a mellow arc.Large clear glass, a glance of the brand image immediately eye absorption, drainage effect is good, let alone far and near.


Extract “molecular chain” as spatial visual elements to strengthen the professional sense of the brand.Molecular chain modeling window, showing the brand star products.After years of research of biotechnology techniques, will let every woman enjoy the professional care of science and technology.


Water blue technology lighting, gentle and elegant, strengthen the brand’s biotechnology and professional attributes.Warm white floodsource, reflecting the light and warm light, soft and warm.The use of stained glass, let the cold tone sense of technology to add emotional temperature.


Between the space with a gentle arc of smooth connection, eliminate the sense of alienation.In a pressurized renewal environment, seeing is a comfortable feeling.Every friend who enters this space enjoys a comfortable professional “Make the skin look beautiful” service with a completely relaxed attitude.


Biotechnology is the core competitiveness of the brand, providing a strong endorsement for the nursing care.“Brand Information exhibition area”, interactive information display, can not only make customers take the initiative to understand the scientific and technological strength, but also have a deeper understanding of the brand culture.


Symmetric irregular rectangular body with the sacred arch of the portal design,to build a “time tunnel” leading to beauty and metamorphosis, the sense of mystery and holiness arises spontaneously.


The channel connects the “consultation room”, “experience room” and “rest area”, where customers walk through the different experiences of different functions.


“Shell chair”, meaning the core concept of the brand “beauty rebirth”, beautiful and deep rhyme.


Minimal and flat guide system and creative facilities, leaving white release and pressure, life aesthetics, pleasing.


Jade ladder column to the secluded, banana leaves early spring, beautiful exploration and discovery let people fascinated.


The space is divided into upper and lower two levels, level up, with the vision of transformation step by step towards the ideal of themselves.Molecular chain lights, like gentle emotional particles, are released in the air, bringing safety and a sense of belonging.


Several “shell chairs” empty waiting, this is the meaning of “beautiful rebirth” gathering and waiting.



Rich and broad life experience, to give the beautiful and more meaningful deposits.Preure expensive as you, worthy of “lifelong beauty”.Big love without trace, all pregnant mothers are worthy of more professional beauty care.“YE NEW SKIN “ let every woman, be more elegant and confident of themselves.


D&M adhering to the design concept of “making retail innovation more fun and effective” ,focus on brand upgrading and space creative experience design in the new retail field.We are committed to creating top-notch retail space creative experience and brand marketing visual design for forward-looking clients in different .industries,create top-notch visual design for retail space creative experience and brand marketing promotion.











Project Information——

Project name:YE NEW SKIN Flagship Store

Commissioned by:D&M (Guangzhou) Creative Design Co., Ltd

Design Team:Jacky, Li Donghui, Sheng Wei, Zhou Qiongwei,Deng Yeshan

Project address:Xi’an, China

Building area:230㎡

Visual:Li Fan, Chili