[NICE] Located in the center of Jieyang, the “Emerald Capital of Asia”, it is a comprehensive professional salon space with a construction area of more than 1,200 square meters. Adjacent to Rongjiang River and Municipal Plaza, it is the core business district of Jieyang City. In this downtown area, single buildings are rare and precious. The Chinese meaning of [NICE] is “beautiful” and “pleasant.” The client hopes to build a high-quality salon space, carrying its superb technology and international style with unlimited possibilities, and injecting more beautiful things into the city.


[GGD Double Good Design] Continue to break through exploration, adventure and experiment. Thinking and practicing from the perspective of consumers, we hope to cope with the collision of local materials and construction methods with modern structural forms in an unprecedented way. This approach breaks through contemporary people‘s fixed understanding of salon space and proposes a true “experience iteration”. Our idea is to use pure and concise space as the basic carrier, while implanting “unknown” to pay tribute to the new generation.


Brown aluminum panels and stone paint are the main materials, providing a subtle texture to a large amount of space, and the deliberately returned part is the core entrance, presenting a modern sense of order, in sharp contrast with the old buildings near the site. He is light, low-key, heavy, and humble and confident in this bustling city.


[GGD Double Good Design] The color system is inspired by “Interstellar Wars”, using silver-gray anodized aluminum plate, with black and white samurai, partially embellished with “magic color” and “light saber”. “Present-Interpret-Transform”in an extraordinary form in the space, combining with structure breaks the original boundary of the space.


The natural attributes in the material, the intersection of spatial aluminum and light in the vertical and horizontal directions, and the full space energy capsule bring people a new look and feel, creating an immersive sense of the future, which makes people wait for the process Always full of expectations.


Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin (1934-03-09—1968-03-27), Soviet astronaut, hero of the Soviet Union, and pilot of the Soviet Red Army colonel, was the first Earth to enter space Man is also the first person to see the full picture of the earth from space. Since then, human beings have never stopped exploring.


Through metal display racks, atypical display rack forms, disorderly supported metal tubes, trays are hand polished with solid stainless steel blocks and then embedded in the metal tubes. It shows the rhythm and rhythm of the staggered height of the tray, with almost no sense of thickness, and is supplemented by light sources to form mysterious light and shadow changes. Make the product more attractive, and inadvertently attract the attention of the experiencer.


“Infinite Mirror” redefines the way the mirror displays through the structure, highlights the subtle connection between people and the mirror, and has a staggered visual effect. “Designer Mr. Lin Yan” implanted the five great wheels of the era into space in an orderly manner. The implantation of this structure forces the surrounding environment to passively reorganize into various forms of negative space, which makes its diversity exceed the expectations of the structure. The rich spatial experience interprets brand differences to people.


If there is too much accumulation or paranoia, the material appears meaningless. The material should represent a certain emotional background. The spiritual consensus of [GGD Double Good Design] and [NICE] is to help this idea establish a place with obvious advantages, so that the space becomes a brand, and young consumers quickly establish a deep emotional bond.


Three and three are endless, six and six are endless. Create the art of isolation and interweaving between people, people and space, space and space, and use virtual reality to create meaningful space gaps, thereby forming a more emotionally connected haven.


The frequency of consumers receiving professional hairdressing services has steadily increased year by year. According to the statistics of industry authority [WELLCREW], by 2019, the proportion of new female consumers who enter salons to receive professional salon services will be no less than 90 times a year. Male consumers usually enter salons within two weeks to maintain their personal image. This is high-frequency market behavior. [NICE] reduced the land occupancy rate in exchange for a better salon experience for the experiencers, and also provided a more independent creation for the surrounding environment of the hair stylist. Eliminate subdivisions and enhance individual coexistence in the collective.


The spatial distance and emotional distance of interpersonal communication often exist between strangers in contradictory forms. Dyeing and perming are long service periods. The four eyes between the strangers looked at each other for more than three hours. Overcoming the huge psychological pressure is the pain point of the experiencer. [GGD Double Good Design] In a limited space, the “qushui concept” enables intimate consumers to interact freely and makes strange consumers feel at home. [NICE] is a way of life and a new social place.


Lost in the space ruins, do head spa in a fully enclosed space, strictly control the number of guests in each head therapy room, somatosensory access control effectively manages sounds and smells, axisymmetric architectural language with pure colors, the space is expanding at the same time Maintaining the balance and unity of the overall picture, it is worth mentioning that this space aluminum SPA bed is produced for the exclusive research and development of the project, and [NICE] has absolute exclusive rights during the patent period.


We found that the relative molecular mass of dyeing and hot odor is larger than that of air, so it will be deposited in a position about one meter from the ground. After many experiments, [Shaogang Project] self-made an air circulation system, matched with the theory of air flow, adjusted the dimensions of the tuyere, and reasonably concealed and beautified to effectively purify the air.


Surrounded by soft and warm sunlight, [NICE] is showing its expectations and enthusiasm for this world in another posture. The evolution is iterating, just like their aesthetic philosophy and exquisite skills in line with international standards, and their persistent spirit of exploration.

▲设计思路推演(GIF)Design idea deduction

▲平面图Floor plan













主要材料:大理石/砂面金属/乳胶漆/涂装木饰板/ RC防水微喷背胶/线型灯/幻彩玻璃

Project information——

Project name:NICE SALON


Design year & Completion Year:March 2020 (start design) July 2020 (project completion)

Leader designer & Team:LinYan & DanYi

Special adviser: FE

Project location:China/Guangdong/JieYang

Gross Built Area (square meters):1200㎡

Photo credits:YiWen & Lin-Vision



Main materials:Marble / sand surface metal / latex paint / painted wood veneer / RC waterproof micro spray back glue / linear lamp / Magic Glass