HAIR HERE salon作为一家时尚发艺连锁品牌,短短几年时间迅速发展。自2018年起,良舍为HAIR HERE服务六家门店,遍布青岛、临沂、日照等地。

Hair here salon, as a fashion hairdressing chain brand, has developed rapidly in a few years. Since 2018, liangshe has served six stores for hair here, covering Qingdao, Linyi, Rizhao and other places.


Looking for him in the crowd. Bright red and bright gold have a strong contrast, let people remember. Folding plate design makes the door more three-dimensional, arousing people‘s desire to explore. The walk-in passage adopts gold stainless steel facade and imitation marble tiles. The light is bright and soft, making the entrance full of ritual.


Entering the store, the metal and wood veneer of round arch shape will soften the whole space.The front cash register is set up separately, so that customers have a better consumption experience.The design of waiting area is like sitting in the living room at home, so that waiting is no longer boring.


In the modeling area, a green plant has injected vitality into the space.Let the space have a sense of hierarchy and create a good psychological atmosphere for customers.

工作区域内多种光源的应用,为空间增添了几分灵动的感觉。操作台阵列式的工业美展现了HAIR HERE的专业严谨。

The application of a variety of light sources in the working area adds a bit of smart feeling to the space.The industrial beauty of the console array shows the professional rigor of hair here.


The hot dyeing area, flushing area and modeling area are connected by two corridors.In the intersection of red and blue, space can be extended to attract you to explore.


Splash ink style of light box painting, so that the hot dyeing area is no longer monotonous.Find yourself more beautiful in leisure.You will fall in love with this place and the process of every transformation.


项目名称:HAIR HERE salon



项目地址:青岛 万象城