In the late 1960s, Renard Coren found a response to the nature of life in Japanese culture and defined it as “ideal beauty,” which was wabi-sabi. Wabi Sabi is not a form of destruction, simplicity and the original state of the real, nor is it a sense of decline, alienation and bleak emotional correspondence, but involved in the aesthetic category based on nature, and to a certain extent to restore the rational and balance of the art of life.

如此诗意的、有着哲思的审美和感知倾向,培养了我们对于普通寻常的细节、以及容易被忽视的、自然之美的欣赏与洞察。使事物除了体现物质性的本身,也有了特殊的精神性意义,从而构成新的、纯粹的美的基础。这与周期实验室 CYCLELAB遵循“自然规律,试图恢复周期秩序的建立”的品牌理念不谋而合。

Such poetic and philosophical aesthetic and perceptual tendencies cultivate our appreciation and insight into the ordinary and ordinary details and the easily overlooked beauty of nature. In addition to the materiality itself, things also have a special spiritual meaning, so as to form a new and pure basis of beauty. This coincides with the brand concept of CYCLELAB, a weekly laboratory, which follows the “natural law and tries to restore the establishment of cycle order”.



Chapter four seasons sequence

作为“具有先锋性实验室精神的医学级皮肤护理品牌”,周期实验室 CYCLELAB以肌肤的周期为研究对象,主张自然的恢复、秩序的重建和审美的塑造。清晰的、正向的、积极的品牌意识指向空间形态,年轻、新锐以及自我认知的觉醒成为场域表达的构成元素与精神内涵。

As a “medical skin care brand with pioneering laboratory spirit”, CYCLELAB takes the skin cycle as the research object and advocates the restoration of nature, the reconstruction of order and the shaping of aesthetics. The clear, positive and positive brand consciousness points to the spatial form, and the youth, the new and the awakening of self-cognition become the constituent elements and spiritual connotation of the field expression.


In the planning layout, four arc-shaped walls with a radius of 1.68m are built with the help of the faint axis of the lamp belt. They are collaged together in reverse to form a perfect circle, implying the continuous and cyclic time flow. “Cycle” is not only the brand name, but also the concept core of precise positioning and scientific exploration of the brand.



Restore time


The Earth’s north-south longitude, or meridian, along with the East-west latitude defines position and direction, as well as space and time. At the intersection of longitude and latitude, “time” is presented in the form of a frozen hourglass. Through the flow of sand in the hourglass every hour, the “sand Tower” reveals a conical geometric pattern and is calculated into a precise time value, which corresponds to the 28-day cycle of human skin metabolism.


When it comes to the laboratory, specific instruments form the basic impression of its daily life. The concrete objects are abstracted and applied to the interior of the space with pure geometric figures. Through the combination of three-dimensional triangles, circles, arcs and conics, the unique symbolic significance of the figures is shown by enlarging, overlapping, interweaving, fusion and rich fluidity and organicity.



Fuzzy boundaries


On the side of the window, a separate resting and waiting area is cut out. Below the ceiling of the main passage on the path, the mirrored stainless steel becomes the main surface texture. On the one hand, the reflection solves the problem of the low height of the space, and on the other hand, the clear boundary of the different interfaces is blurred. The soft shape and edges are related to the delicate skin of the human tissue, but also about touch, perception and more macroscopic embodied experience.


The testing room, rest and waiting area, reception and passage are connected in series with each other, and there is no obvious boundary, which gives the space great plasticity. Internal wall and transparent glass as the main interval, virtual and real staggered, cold glass, heaven and earth one color soft wall texture and because of the vertical veil occlusion and faintly revealed “light wall”, constitute a subtle, ingenious expression contrast.



Punk natural

周期实验室 CYCLELAB凭借灯光编程的技术,依据昼夜间的不同时间节点而调节灯光的设定,明暗、深浅、饱和度不一的红、蓝、黄等映衬出耳目一新的、变幻万千的“赛博朋克”般的科技感。对顾客而言,不同时间段的光临,则能体验到不同的灯光情绪和空间氛围。

Cycle laboratory CYCLELAB with light programming technology, according to the different time nodes between day and night and adjust the lighting setting, light, dark, dark, saturation of red, blue, yellow and so on set off a refreshing, changing myriad of “cyberpunk” like sense of technology. For customers, visiting at different time periods can experience different lighting moods and space atmospheres.


In wabi-sabi, Leonard Coren says, “Wabi-sabi has always been associated with escapism, punk, decadence, or other words that proclaim anti-aesthetics. They come from a young, modern, creative soul.” Among them, “punk” with rebellious spirit is not simply “rebellious because of rebellion”, but has a certain pioneering nature. It questions authority, tries to break established rules and construct a new and more diversified ecological order.

而侘寂是人适应自然之后,一种内在的生活方式无限趋向“浪漫化”的自然演绎,其中关乎着哲学的建构和美学的理想,最终使得我们重新获得对生活秩序的可预知性与精神力量的把控感。正如周期实验室 CYCLELAB所追求的,力求捕捉时间的动态变化而感知时间,希望探索自然的周期规律来复归自然。

Wabi-sabi is a natural interpretation of the infinite tendency of an inner way of life to “romanticize” after people adapt to nature, which is related to the construction of philosophy and aesthetic ideals, and ultimately allows us to regain the predictability of the order of life and the sense of control of spiritual power. As the cycle laboratory CYCLELAB pursues, it strives to capture the dynamic changes of time and perceive time, hoping to explore the cycle law of nature to return to nature.



项目名称:周期实验室 CYCLELAB




室内设计:戈多设计/GODOT DESIGN


灯光设计:戈多设计/GODOT DESIGN

软装设计:戈多设计/GODOT DESIGN