In Suning’s first 3C trendy store, we tried to design a scenario-based retail experience store that is “full of awakening and rebellious consciousness”.The clever use of neon tube and stainless steel, let the space flow everywhere with illusion and innuendo.The complexity behind all things is not hidden, emitting clear and crisp light and shadows.It shows that Suning’s strict selection attitude towards fashion products, but also awakens the hearts of consumers, independent, sober, bright, not bound by the trend, to choose the most suitable for their own beautiful tide products.—— D&M Creative Mr. Qiu


Suning’s first nationwide 3C tide store is located in Shanghai Xinzhuang Weijing Impression City and is designed by D & M Creative.Close to Xinzhuang Business District and Qibao Business District, covering a large number of mainstream consumers of 3C products.It has the adorable name of —— SuRoaring.


The store invested nearly one million yuan, covers an area of 222 ㎡, with thousands of the latest and hottest 3C digital products.Such as SKG cervical massager, Mofei wireless juicing, Kworth dibao sweeping robot, etc.

The opening of SuRoaring marks the full launch of Suning’s “multi-category offline retail stores + Internet transformation mode”.




How do we choose when the products come to us?

我们生活在一个无法计算其年龄的宇宙中,它被我们完全不知道距离的恒星所包围,其中充满了我们无法识别的物质,按照我们并不真正理解的物理定律运作。– 比尔·布莱森  《万物简史》

We live in a universe whose age we can’t quite compute, surrounded by stars whose distances we don’t altogether know, filled with matter we can’t identify, operating in conformance with physical laws whose properties we don’t truly understand.– Bill Bryson, A Short History of Nearly Everything


Especially in the era of so-called “consumption upgrading”, more and more goods with sensory stimulation suddenly appear.If we are not careless, we are trapped in it.In the face of this consumption dilemma, how can we get rid of the control of the material wave and identify the beautiful tide products that are really suitable for ourselves?It is the key topic discussed when our team is involved in this case.



# Strategies

Keep the heart constantly awakening and rebel


We strive to capture the moment when people’s mind accidentally awakens and try to freeze it to fill the mind.This is at the heart of the strategy in this case.The awakening and rebellion of the heart is on curiosity, persistence and awe about the complexity of the material itself.From this, the designer extended two spatial logic lines.


Logical Line 1: Object-based philosophy in space


We follow the philosophy of object-based design for both the expression of goods and the space as a whole, avoiding the use of conceptual themes to suppress their own will and letting them each present their own specificity and autonomy.


Things are beautiful because of their complexity.Things that can be understood at a glance are not worth keeping.In this space, both commodities and space as matter will be deeply conscious of their complexity.The merchandise has its own display space and exudes charm as it returns to the material itself. The space as a whole consists of two contemporary elements, neon light and stainless steel, to form the look of the trendy products, unmistakably materialized in the mall.


Logical Line 2: The Spirituality of Cyberpunk Throughout


The spiritual core of cyberpunk is awakening.Realizing that they are being controlled, they fall into the decadent predicament of “high-tech low life” and begin to rebel. Although there is not necessarily a clear-cut confrontation, the sense of awakening and rebellion is always in the mind.

Designers abstract the spirit of cyberpunk in the space.The focus is reflected in the awakening effect of the neon tube, the raw color stainless steel sandblasting material gives people calm and restraint thinking, and the double round smallpox shape and the clear division of space in the arc and the free planning of the moving line.




The light of the shadow


Beautiful things with light, really touched us is the shadow of it sprinkled.It represents the thick and profound connotation of the material, quiet and harmonious, sober.For those visible to the naked eye, we believe more in the silent silence out of sight.


The complexity of matter is not easy to detect, only a little bit to emerge.This is also the charm of the complexity.Through various forms of illusion and innuendo, it may be able to gradually see the reality of material retreat because people have a too strong purpose.


We are keen to let every consumer who enters the space can look at the heart and seek the answer inward.As long as the heart continues to be in a state of pure consciousness of awakening and rebellion, it is not held hostage by matter, even if there are no answers.


The neon coexistence of reason and sensibility is a relaxed gesture of deep contemplation of the complexity hidden beneath our dark shadows.It points straight to the heart, shining a light on hope and possibility, but does not provide definitive answers.It echoes the light released by consumers’ inner awakening after realizing the complexity of matter, and also reflects the rational, restrained and strict attitude behind SuRoaring’s product selection.


This is the reason for the concept of “Light of Shadow”.




Finding infinity in a finite space


After space is materialized as a finite entity, it is then traced with abstract neon light. The deep and dark shadows of matter and the clear and ambiguous attitude of neon light simultaneously point to infinity.


Light offers possibilities, but does not give answers


The clever use of neon tubes and primary color stainless steel sandblasting material, decisively and sharply cut out a space in the mall to take on the beautiful trendy products, seems to be clear in outline, determined attitude, but does not point to any one specific answer. All the answers are waiting for consumers to find them individually.


Free movement line that extends as you wish

The double circular ceiling shape with curved center island defines the structural relationship of the space, but also gives infinite possibilities of dynamic lines.Everyone in the store, can be arbitrary at the command of the heart, to meet all consumers all the moment any sudden self.


Locking but not indefinitely is leading to immersion but not to addiction


Both the double circular ceiling shape of the ceiling and the cross-shaped neon tube and the continuous strip of lights it forms express the locked and indeterminate attitude.Focusing the consumer’s eye on the finer details of the space and then pointing to greater possibilities.Not so specifically pointing, yet not so much pointing to nothingness. To lead people to think, to activate the possibilities within, is the ultimate goal.


Blind Box is the awakening and rebellion of the SuRoaring brand


Such as 1983 blind box, butter cat box blind box, etc.They are not fiddling with the form, but rather SuRoaring’s attitude to the tide of a million miles, and an expectation of the future as a new retail brand. It is even the first time to offer a piece of mind to consumers.


▲平面动线图Plane diagram














Project information——

Project name:Suning 3C Tide Play Experience Store

Client:Suning Commerce Business Group

Creative director:Jacky

Design team: Li Donghui, Liu Weiyan, Lin Tao, He Yan,Pang Yuming, Cai Ruixin

Project management:Zhou Zhiyong, Chen Kanglin

Company website:http://www.shopvmd.com/

Completion time:October 2021

Project address:Shanghai, China

Building area:210 ㎡

Vision:Li Fan, Ye Zejian

Photographer: Wu Jianquan

Written by:Liu Senhai