In a block of excess resource, we wish to set up a space based on collecting the fragments of the past and to re-define the time of forgotten.Here, time is shown on the metallic ruins; time could be glimpsed through the tinted lens; time has been adorning the frames; And here, time has brought about the classics especially in the heyday of technology…

每一种时尚,都是用过即弃的时间,秋来春往,一衣一布也因身体的离去变成时间的碎片。在这个新造的空间里,今朝风日好One Fine Day Studio & Partners,简称ofD)用玻璃纤维量身创作了不同的家具,用宣纸代替了天花与土墙,还有建了半层高的楼梯回转……同时ofD也挑捡了Gufram中看不中用的沙发、Thomas & Vines的黑绒镜子,还有Olivier Gregoire像纸一样柔弱的椅子来装点那些触碰不到的时间。Maó空间,被时尚追赶,也在闹市里收集时间。

Just like fads are determined to be outdated as time goes by, all things would come and go as temporal fragments. In this newly established space, One Fine Day Studio & Partners (ofD) has customized all sorts of furniture by using fiber glass, made the ceiling and walls with Xuan paper and built a spiral stairway of half storey height. Not only this, in order to play with the idea of time being intangible, ofD has also picked the visually stunning sofa of Gufram, the black velvet mirror of Thomas & Vines, as well as the seemingly malleable chair of Olivier Gregoire. Being in Maó Space, we have outstripped fads by making friends with time.

▲外立面 Facade & Exterior


The project is located in an old neighborhood of steel structured ceiling and dark streets. ofD has the original enclosure space transformed into a much open and ventilated one while introducing the natural lights to interact with the interior lighting so as to expose the merchandise as much as possible. The neat and asymmetric glass windows and door are in good contrast to the heavy material of the exterior wall, which imply the pace of time.

▲店招 Store Sign



In accordance with the entire block, Maó Space only operates during the day and the store sign would remains unlit at night. The Maó Space’s logo is the wrongly marked intonation of its Pinyin spelling, which is the nickname of the owner-principal.

▲空间 Space


You get the overview of everything once have entered the space. ofD has taken the “chaotic” atmosphere of the wholesale market into consideration as making this a trading space. Grey is chosen as the tone throughout the loft space, its simplicity has played the appropriate background for the merchandise of great variety.

▲原创软装 Original FF & E (Furniture Fixture and Equipment)


In order to show the vestige of time, ofD has selected Xuan paper for the ceiling and decoration in the lobby, they have also customized the matching coloured fiber glass for the cashier and totemic chandelier. All the original but low keyed elements are well harmonized with the Gufram products.

▲宣纸天花细节 Xuan Paper Ceiling in Detail

走上内庭,ofD用重墨宣纸制成的手工屏风,将这里分为商品展示区与休息洽谈区。左区有ofD用镀锌板手工焊制成的哥特风格陈列柜,与Olivier Gregoire的旧橄榄色家具共处;右区ofD配置了Glas Italia的玻璃沙发与茶几、Thomas & Vines的植绒镜子、Catellani & Smith PostKrisi 50 – 51玻璃钢吊灯。

The area of merchandise display and lounge are partitioned by a handmade heavy-inked screen. On the left, ofD has welded a Gothic styled cabinet by using galvanized sheets, which has perfectly set off the olive coloured furniture of Olivier Gregoire. On the other side on the right, ofD has placed the glass tea table and sofa of Glas Italia, Thomas & Vines’ mirror with the flocking frame and the fiberglass pendant lamp – PostKrisi 50-51 from Catellani & Smith.


The original cylindrical structure has been transformed into Mediterranean column, which has offered a distinct visual framework within the space. The displaying rack is made with metal that signifies the industrial age and fractured plaster, this combination of materials has symbolized the passage of time.

Olivier Gregoire的平面扭曲家具,在灰调空间里像杜尚的“泉”一样,意味深长。

Just as Duchamp’s Fountain has connoted, to have the bent and curved furniture of Olivier Gregoire in this grey toned space has suggested much more than what they actually are.


In this area, ofD attempts to take out any sharp angles, including the corner of the walls, the spiral stairway, the impractical curved mirror, the decorative and actual pillars etc., they hope to bring out the sense of classical time through the gentle details. The column has been connecting the space of the two floors as a visual indication. The embedded black linear element on the grey toned spiral stairway has made a fine contrast with the black and white sofa set of Gufram.


Fiberglass, metal and plaster column have once again joined in the same room.

主理人被西班牙Oscar Tusquets的椅子线条所吸引,购置了椅子后却发现没有桌子可以搭配,ofD创作了一张国际象棋意味的黑色桌子。

The owner is attracted by the linear flow of Oscar Tusquets’ chair, but later realizes there’s no matching table after the purchase. Therefore ofD has made a black table that represents the chess to go with it.


The melting candles on display are symbolizing the ruins of time.


ofD has discovered another spatial dimension within this originally constrained and unmovable architectural structure.


The second floor is an open space, and our sight would be outwardly led by the Xuan paper ceiling with grids that provides a visual depth.







项目面积:227 m²






Project Information——

Project name:Maó Space

Address:ARAapM, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

Area:227 m²

Completion time:2020.07

Design firm:One Fine Day Studio & Partners

Design director:Jump Lee

Design team:Hao Liang, Yongjie Lao, Shuai Liu