Before accepting the entrustment of SUREN leather goods, we didn‘t even have the habit of wearing leather shoes, so we didn’t even know what the leather goods store was like. Think about it later, it might be an advantage.
——Wonder Architects


Soon after the transformation, the Wudaokou store of SUREN leather goods has already standing out among other shops and yet, it had not arranged the window settings.


SUREN leather goods are probably the first fashion related shops in Wudaokou. The Shopowner are couple graduated from Central Academy of arts and crafts, who are obsessed with making all kinds of things with leather. From the founding of SUREN in 1993 till now, it has always maintained the persistence and innocence of the craftsmen. When the owner, Mr. Mao, commissioned Wonder Architects, it is said that it was only because he watched a clip of our speech online.


In Wudaokou, a complicated, chaotic place with many limitations, the owners hope that we can create a new image of SUREN leather goods


The shop is located at the ground floor of a residential area in Wudaokou. Although it covers an area of 150 square meters, it is divided into three storeys. About a quarter of the space in the shop is stairs and corridors. Before the renovation, most customers were reluctant to go upstairs or downstairs, just circling around the entrance. So we simply push the real store front back into the interior of the building, So the stair and corridors become the extension to the city streets.


We hope the graffiti and sits around these street activities into the store space.


A new facade has been created in the former disorderly interior


The scenario and behavior of streets are introduced into the building


An elegant leather shop is deeply hidden in the architecture


Delicate wall texture and soft arch present different atmosphere between leather goods selling area and stair area.


In the sales area on the first underground floor, the original underground pipelines are wrapped into different niches and arches. Now it become the display background of leather products.


After sorted out the product logic of SUREN leather goods, we find out the complicated thinking and personality setting among these products. Leather goods are like a person‘s business card. They need to have the characteristics he or she wants to convey. When we are not close to the designer’s work site, a lot of design ingenuity is difficult to fully grasp. These ingenuity need to express itself.


The design logic of personification of the product type of SUREN


Wooden table are used to show leather products. By restoring the leather products to its original design situation, the design combination relationship of leather products become more clear.


The leather products in the sales area will display the leather in their place whereabouts consumer can try on, and a display frame will imply the matching and dressing style of a series of leather products.


These sales areas are connected by stairs and corridors with street features, which will clear up the “gap” between passers-by and leather shop. It is much more friendly than the former closed and heavy “stairwell”.


Those former cramped spaces present more possibilities.


The writing blackboard wall makes the architectural space become an interactive medium.


People can participate in the building in some way, and also change the concept of fitting mirror in traditional clothing stores.


Even the bathroom is creating this kind of fun


The reconstructed second floor staircase. Compared with the former stairwell, it becomes a semi outdoor space.


The east wall of the corridor is arranged by the plant designer as a green plant interface, which is combined with the plant wall of the original second floor balcony. The interface of space becomes a growing and changing object.


Some old leather wares have been planted in the plant walls. As containers, they have become part of the new life of plants and part of the building as well.


Along with the guidance of the plant wall, the original vacant second floor is set as a Space with unlimited possibilities .


Originally was planned to set up some commodities here, but it became a space that people like to gather around


This place can be arranged in various ways according to our own needs. SUREN employees like to call it “SUREN Living Room” or “Su Room”


Although many design ideas are not fully implemented. But we did create an unconventional leather shop.


Comparison of Wudaokou store before and after renovation


We hope Wudaokou store can deliver the low-key and sincere brand of SUREN something different.


Recently, there is an episode that relevant officials are regulating illegal buildings in Wudaokou area. The balcony on the upper part of many shops needs to be demolished. In the future, the balcony on the second floor of the SUREN Wudaokou store will be partially demolished. The green plant wall that has grown for many years on the balcony will also disappear.


The balcony of SUREN Wudaokou store is about to be demolished (please pay attention to the change on the left side of the picture, and the balconies at other positions have been demolished successively)


What else will happen to the building? Let‘s wait and see.









内部视觉系统:袁樱子(NaCl illustration studio)、金泰霖




摄影:朱雨蒙 等


材料: 板材 灰泥 玻璃

Project Name: SUREN Leather of Beijing Wudaokou Store

Design Company: Wonder Architect

Project Location: Beijing

Completion Time: 2019

Building Area: 150 ㎡

Owner: plain leather goods

Architecture and Props Design: Zhu Qipeng, Yuan Yingzi, Yang Yeling, Cai Peixin

Internal Visual System: Yuan Yingzi (NaCl Illustration Studio) Jin Tailin

Design Consultant: Xie Jingxin

Green Plant System Design: Wang Yuheng

Lighting Design: Min Yuebo

Photography: Zhu Yumeng and others

Construction: Zhou Daigen team and others

Material: panel Plaster Glass