OPENUU又又设计RIL CREED 合作,为 RIL CREED 设计他们香港第一家旗舰店,设计师创造了一个符合品牌风格﹑干净﹑优雅和永续性的空间。

OPENUU worked with RIL CREED to launch their first flagship retail store in Hong Kong, and created a space that aligns with the brand ethos: clean, elegant and sustainable.

充满线条﹑轻盈﹑柔软和精美的手袋,配上干净而又优雅的空间。设计师使空间与RIL CREED的产品相得益彰。而且经过合作后,客人对「永续设计」或「绿色设计」亦有新的见解。为了空间使用更弹性及更方便,设计师设计了活动展示层架,客人展示架换季或者换产品时不用绞尽脑汁,也不需要购买新的展示架。

RIL CREED’s retail shop is clean and elegant, matching it’s beautiful leather bags with polished lines, lightweight, softness, and professional style. The simplicity of the interior design allows the space to compliment RIL CREED’s products. The brand also likes to draw awareness to their sustainability aspect. By creating flexibility in the retail shop, OPENUU’s design helps to achieve a versatile space for the client’s changing needs, instead of purchasing new display shelving for the space.


All the display furniture pieces are easily movable, accompanied by three different styles of flexible walls: a natural wood peg wall, a metal frame hanging wall, and a wood and white shelf wall.


These three flexible walls allow the client to update the visual merchandising as frequently as every week. The space caters to the clients needs, providing shelving as well as hanging spaces for a variety of display formats as RIL CREED sees fit. The pegs, metal frame, and shelves are all easily adjustable, without additional hardware. These frame the handbags and shoes being displayed; providing a neutral canvas for their wide range of products. The client has rearranged their furniture multiple times since launching the flagship store, has worked with other brands, and has hosted yoga events.