Jeemee is a fashion store that sells clothing, bedding and home accessories. And it is also a club for regular membership events. As the small shop of less than 100 square metres needs to contain two fitting rooms, a nursing room, a kitchenette, enough area for gatherings and events as well as for products display, how to maximize the limited space is the biggest challenge of its interior design.


A flexible layout has made it possible. The ingenious design includes the merging of the nursing room with one of the fitting rooms, since the majority of the patrons are women, especially young mothers, customized movable copper racks with curtains to separate products display area and events area when needed, and adjustable shelves to display diverse products of different seasons.


As for the decorations, because the shop owner wanted the atmosphere as intimate as gatherings of close friends at home, the architect selected warm and quiet colours such as dirty pink and greyish blue, curved and simple geometric shapes like arches, and soft-toned materials including wood, textiles and copper.


Besides, as the store has a high ceiling which tends to feel sparse and cold, in order to create a cosy atmosphere, colourful wallpaper with botanical pattern is used innovatively on the ceiling, whereas stucco is hand trowelled on the walls. Meanwhile, the quiet colour of the walls is not likely to out-shine the clothes.







建筑师:朱彦文 田炳珉




Project information——

Firm: Atelier A + Be opposite architecture

Location: Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Category: Retail

Project Architect: Lily Zhu

Design Team:  Tian Binming

Area: 81 m2

Project Year: 2018

Photographs: Tian Binming