VèLO7是一个由充满激情的自行车发烧友组成的团队。他们有志于为顾客提供最优质的自行车,并决定为之打造一个独一无二的场所,以充分展现自行车的魅力。这项任务最终交付给了委托人的好友:mode: lina™工作室。自行车爱好者们需要一个多功能的空间,能够轻松地容纳自行车商店、服务、维修和测试场地。基于VèLO7“一切与自行车有关”的信条,设计师将自身也投入到自行车的灵感世界当中。

VèLO7 is a group of bicycle enthusiasts who want to share their passion with others. Interested in offering best quality bicycles to their customers, they have decided to create a unique place that would reflect their common fascination. This job was entrusted to a befriended studio – mode: lina™. The cyclists needed a multifunctional space which could easily accommodate the functions of a bike shop, service and repair and a place for bike testing. Knowing that in VèLO7 it is all about two-wheelers, our designers tapped into bicycle inspirations.

▼商店入口,entrance of the shop

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贯穿室内空间的三角形元素和倾斜的表面参考了自行车的框架形状。这一几何特征同时也被运用到了特制的自行车货架中,为自行车增添了更多额外的展示空间。除了以自行车为灵感来源之外,设计师还利用了品牌的视觉形象以及由Minima Advertising PeopleTM设计的logo。品面设计旨在充分展现品牌创始人的激情与信念。黑白色的室内空间搭配了VèLO7的视觉形象,显著的线条和灯光则呼应了三角形的logo。

The triangular forms and slant surfaces used throughout the interior refer to the shape of the bicycle frame. Its characteristic geometry was also translated into specially designed bike racks, which resulted in additional space for bike presentation. Apart from bicycle inspirations, the designers also applied the visual identification of the brand and its logo created by Minima Advertising PeopleTM. As the brand is owned by genuine enthusiasts, their passion and commitment had to be reflected already at the graphic level. The black-and-white interior matches the visual representation of VèLO7, while the dividing lines and lighting refer to its triangular logo.

▼三角形元素和倾斜表面贯穿室内,the triangular forms and slant surfaces are used throughout the interior

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The ground plan of the entire store provides for the ultimate, albeit slightly concealed, cycling-related element. The respective zones are divided in a way that resembles a bicycle wheel with the display zone located in the centre (the hub) and converging lines representing the spokes. The interior has a dynamic form which is to reflect the rhythm of bicycle races.

▼富有节奏感的空间布局模拟了车轮与轴心的关系,the respective zones are divided in a way that resembles a bicycle wheel

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▼平面图展现出空间的向心性,the plan shows the centrality of the entire space