Modern Pour-Over Tea (现代手冲茶)——是猿抱子古树茶旗下面向年轻人的原叶手冲茶品牌,茶叶均产自品牌自有的低密度自然免耕茶园。

Modern Pour-Over Tea is a brand of whole leaf hand brewed tea for young people under the banner of Yuan Bao Zi Ancient Tree Tea. Its tea leaves are produced from the brand’s own natural no-till tea plantation in low density.


Using the pristine smooth-as-silk concrete is,To leaves a strong and powerful impression of space on people’s mind,As well as to achieve aesthetic attempts.——Tadao Ando


Responding to the natural flavor profile of whole leaf tea, MOC also hopes to return to the essence of space by providing consumers with a pure space that is free from decoration.

▲主入口视角 View from the main entrance


Concrete is an expression of modernism. By processing this traditional material, it does not only retain the rustic characteristic, but also adds a delicate texture.


Tea leaves grown in natural no-till tea gardens are undergone a series of processes to keep its original flavor. The commonality between the concrete and tea leads to MOC’s option for fair-faced concrete as the main material for the space.

▲空间结构造型细节 Details of space structure and modelling


Based on the structural and functional requirements, MOC divides the space with fair-faced concrete blocks and covers the top of structural blocks with frame-type light membranes. The frame softens the light and the light penetrates down between the blocks, outlining the Zen feeling.

▲轴测分析 Axon

▲光线从结构体块之间柔和的洒下 Light is softly illuminating between the structural blocks


In the pure and architectural space, a glass tea room is in place for traditional tea ceremony. The fine and gorgeous golden screen clashes with the minimalist style of the space, which looks so different, but harmonious.

▲平面图 Plan


The minimalist bar on the entrance side echoes the space. The bar area is more in line with young people’s drinking habits. When people are sipping tea in front of the bar and under the sky light, they can also see the middle glass tea room and feel the charm of traditional tea ceremony.

▲极简的吧台形式,搭配品牌自有的手冲茶具 Minimalist bar with the brand’s hand-brewed tea set.

▲专属定制的茶罐陈列架 Exclusively custom-made display for tea canisters.


项目名称: 现代手冲茶












Project information——

Project Name: Modern Pour-Over Tea

Chief Designers: Sam Liang, Vivi Wu

Project Director: Yang Zhenyu

Design Team: Hu Qiao, Gu Songyu

Design Phase: May – August 2021

Completion: October 2021

Location: 1F Tea Port of the Orient, Wuhan, Hubei

Area: 136㎡

Materials: Concrete waterproofing membrane, stainless steel, tile, solid wood flooring

Client: Modern Pour-Over Tea

Translator: Coco

Photography: Xiaoyun