纵观横赏 风景都可


In recent years, the homogenization competition in the tea industry has become increasingly fierce. In this connection, each and every brand has focused on shaping its own icon to attract more younger customers. By the same token, CoCo also show its own uniqueness by design under this trend.


This case is located in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, which has one of the ten famous mountain Lushan unique geography and human history. When discussing the space design direction of the shop, the shopkeeper and the designer reached a consensus, hoping that the starting point of the creativity can reflect the Chinese philosophy of life when drinking water and thinking about the source, and get inspiration from the gift of nature, so that the guests who come to our store can have different associations and exchanges with the unique environment and humanities of Jiujiang.

▲去掉玻璃与门的店外观,空间形态更自由。Remove the glass and door of the store appearance, and the space form is more free


As the project is located inside the shopping mall, the designer first proposed to remove the glass and door, which was recognized by the owner and the shopping mall. In this connection, guests could enjoy themselves in this spacious room. The overall design of the space is based on the spirit head feature of CoCo brand. The designer draws three connected arcs in the sky, the ground and the wall respectively, circling around the circular pool of water ripples above the center of the guest area. Entering into this space, you could feel like in the forest embrace.


Passing through the store, visitors just need to move footsteps to see the outline of the elf head on the arc, which echoes the elves in the store. The scene seems to follow, but the essence is carefully deduced through design, such as the meaning of nature creating a mountain forest Wonderland.

▲空间构想动态图Dynamic diagram of space conception

▲客座区Guest area


Because the store is close to the cinema and catering area, in order to take care of the diversification of guest status, the guest sitting area has specially designed a circular island seat, except for the card seat through the whole wall. The connected green plant landscape and opposite long platform are combined into a guest sitting form that takes into account waiting, leisure and easy communication. The green plants in the center match the ceiling of the circular pool with water ripples, injecting vitality into the space, adding the front and back layers of the space, and making the relationship between the guests more harmonious, creating a natural and relaxed atmosphere in the store.


Inspired by the misty scene of Lushan Mountain, the wall of the guest sitting area is decorated with atomized aluminum plate as the background, so that the changes of environment, time and people are reflected in the clouds. The water ripple round pool ceiling in the center of the guest area is like a reversal of the lake scenery under the background of light and shadow. Viewed from different angles, the reflection of the lake also presents different changes.

▲看似对称有序的空间构成,创造出多变的视觉感受。The seemingly symmetrical and orderly space composition creates a varied visual experience


The arcs in different directions create a changeable visual effect in the space. From entering the store to ordering, sitting or leaving, customers can feel the changes of the space with the movement of their sight and position, which has the same wonderful effect as moving around the mountain. It also interprets the classic poem of Su Shi, a writer of the Song Dynasty, describing the beauty of Lushan Mount: “The peak is formed on the side of the ridge, and the distance is different. I don’t know the true face of Lushan Mountain for I only live in this mountain.”


When moving to the corner of the store, you’ll find that with the weakening of natural light, the space changes from light to dark, driven to quiet. When the guests sit in the rising seats, the fairy heads on the wall bounce back and forth in a series of small round holes, making people surprised and smile.


One end of the corner is the operation room and the promenade in the form of the fire entrance. The long and narrow space is designed for single and double seats with the back against the wall. The dim light is like a path into the mountains. To this end, I could fully understand what the saying that “the road is so narrow that only one person can pass through”means.


“There are four seasons in a year and each days are different”. The indoor lighting is set with a variety of scene modes according to the time of the day. It can be light and bright during the day, and slow down the space rhythm with the weakening of brightness at night.

▲灯光情景变化动态图Dynamic diagram of lighting scene changes

▲空间结构解释图Spatial structure explanation diagram


The name of CoCo comes from Portuguese and means smiley face. The brand expects customers to drink happily and gain a heartfelt smile. The design of the store interprets the original intention of the brand: “All for CoCo”, so that CoCo can precipitate in the texture of regional development, and can arouse customers’ interest and association of local style, history and culture.


The designer said: “In the design career journey, I sometimes get confused about the contingency of design results. Let’s take the design of this shop as an example. After inspecting the project site, I had no intention of visiting Lushan Mountain at first due to busy work. However, under the sincere invitation of the customer, I get a chance to see the unpredictable clouds and mists of Lushan Mountain, the precipitous and wonderful mountains. It also triggered the accidental consequences of the store’s design. As in life, facing the same thing, the view at this time will definitely be different from that at the time. Maybe we should express our current emotions more like a poet traveling through mountains and rivers!”















Project Information——

Project Name: CoCo 9 Square Shop

Location: Jiujiang, China

Design Company: 123design

Chief Designer: Tuno Liu

Assistant Designer: Sam Yu

Area: 118 square meters

Cost: 0.28 million

Design Cycle: March 2021 – August 2021

Completion time: August 2021

Main Materials: terrazzo, atomized aluminum plate, texture coating

Client Name: Nio Young

Photographer: Little Praise