2020 is a new world moment for people, and the ideological structure in life is gradually restored when it is almost disintegrated. When everything is back on track, some people are busy regaining their confidence in life. For designers, the most urgent thing now is to re-examine the reality they are in, so as to rethink the function of art and imagine the future needs of the human world.


Shantang Street, between the downtown area of Langmen and the scenic Huqiu, is known as “Gusu‘s No. 1 Street”. Since the Tang Dynasty, it has been a gathering place for commodities and a gathering place for merchants from the north and the south. Today, Shantang still has people coming and going, the signs of the four places, and the beautiful scenery.

这个初冬,CoCo Lab,悄然落地在这条古街,试图将一切梦幻的灵感付诸于探索与实验,创造出了这座人间快乐补给站。

In this early winter, CoCo Lab quietly landed on this ancient street, trying to put all dream inspirations into exploration and experimentation, creating this happy supply station on earth.

01 何为虚拟,何为现实;何为存在,何为梦境
What is virtual and what is reality. What is existence, what is dream


Lab means “experiment”, which is intended to break experience. Get rid of the usual way of thinking, provide more innovative and creative products and scene experience, so that the diversified expression of space can be realized. AI technology is maturing day by day, and there may be a group of people living in a “dystopian” world, scientists in the future world, studying the future of humanity.


As the “first year of science fiction”, on the eve of the popularization of 5G, the brain-computer interface has just been successfully tested on pigs for the first time, and the virtual idol has also been on the same page as Dou Jingtong, and everyone is waiting for the turn of 2020. But have you ever thought that this may be just the beginning.

As we get closer and closer to the interconnected world, the waves are surging, are you ready?

02 过去,现在和未来相遇的地方
Where the past, present and future meet


Here, you will witness the story that happened at a turning point in time: diversified media transforms the human subconscious into a perceivable form, explores the true mapping of self-consciousness, and connects souls to each other through interactive experience.


People meditate on this, all the mysterious power that seems to be calm but contains. The lights gradually come on, and they transform into different colors, sometimes steady and sometimes intense, just like emotional fluctuations. The changing colors and textures of the installation reflect the truest self-emotions. In the amplified personal emotions, people will re-examine their inner heart and surroundings, and muster the courage to pursue the voice of their own soul.

03 成为新人类
Become a new human

What will the future of mankind look like? What will human beings in the future look like? Maybe human beings will migrate into aliens from other stars? How will the new beauty be defined? Hope you can get inspiration here.

04 回到当下
Back to the present

在虚拟与现实、存在与梦境中穿梭,最终,我们又回到了当下。眼前是通往未来的阶梯,转身,却又是一幕幕人间烟火,和平凡日夜的真实点点滴滴。在负能量不经意间袭来时,这间疗愈心灵的CoCo Lab,收集人们想要丢掉的坏情绪,制造快乐,让每一个来这里的人,感受生命和情感最初的样貌,回归纯粹的真心与最温暖的日常,亦是OYTT DESIGN一直在做的事。

Shuttle between virtual and reality, existence and dream, and finally, we are back to the present. In front of me is a stairway to the future. Turning around, there are scenes of fireworks in the world, bit by bit of ordinary day and night reality. When negative energy inadvertently strikes, this healing CoCo Lab collects bad emotions that people want to throw away and creates happiness, so that everyone who comes here can feel the original appearance of life and emotions and return to pure The heartfelt and warmest daily life is also what OYTT DESIGN has been doing.


















Project Information——

Project Name:CoCo LAB

Location:Shantang Street,Suzhou

Design Company:OYTT Design

Chief Designer:Tiao Ouyang

Assistant Designer:Danfeng Zhou,Yun Yao,Xiaobei Ma

Area:60 square meters

Design Cycle:August,2020

Completion time: November,2020

Main Materials: Texture paint、brick,Galvanized steel sheet

Manufacture:Shanghai Hooyi Displays&Fixtures Industries Co., Ltd

Light:MiWei Lighting

Client Name:Michael

Photographer:Yiwen Xu