“Hang Around Front Street, White Xuanmiao Temple” It is said that in the memory of every Suzhou Person, there is a story about Guanqian Street. This ancient business district, which has experienced a hundred years of vicissitudes, carries the youth of several generations. However, most of the shops operated in this multicultural background are faced with the needs of space youth and personalized transformation.



CoCo Shop is located at the crossroad of the street. The people walking through and the “L” corner business interface are important factors to form the regional node. The indoor space of 50 square meters not only meets the basic business activities, but also expects to produce a kind of differential behavior symbiosis in this micro scale. Therefore, the designer takes the Suzhou garden characteristic elements and combines with the current young consumption experience, through the construction of the ancient and fresh space scene, giving Coco a new connotation in the tea market.



The doorway greatly retains the original appearance of the building. The designer tries to mix modern aesthetics in the antique white walls and black tiles, and explores the possibility of mining the connection between the brand core and the local culture. The large-area floor to ceiling windows fully introduce natural light, also let the indoor and outdoor environment combine organically, break through the traditional single business model of space form, and then establish a subtle, vivid and interesting multi-dimensional street space interaction relationship, to create maximum communication possibilities for consumers.



In the shop, Suzhou garden and modern tea are interwoven, and they are harmonious in the same time and space. In the space, excessive carving and complicated decoration are abandoned, and natural elements are widely used. The texture of stone and wood is the skin of the space, which is rough, warm, simple or delicate. The potted plants and stone landscapes are the local symbols of Suzhou gardens, which inject more cultural genes into the space.



The base geometric prototype is interspersed in the card seat area to construct fashionable and simple tables and chairs. Through the introduction of architectural form, the visual continuity and cutting effect are formed between the body blocks. The caramel colored leather cushions add a warm and lively touch to the tone of indifference and alienation.



The scattered point light sources combined with the spherical lights suspended under the ceiling wood model form a soft lighting atmosphere in the interior space, supplemented by local light bands, to divide different functional areas. The black-and-white ground pattern is like a winding water cup, which reinterprets the scene of ancient people drinking tea and chanting poems and painting between mountains and rivers with modern words.



The veneer in different areas is different in proportion and size. The operation area continues the tonality of caramel color and wood color, and contrasts with the space full of lightness with a strong sense of modernity.The designer uses the younger design language to convey the “beauty of Oriental artistic conception” in Coco’s modern Zen spirit and bring the immersive multi-dimensional sensory experience to customers.



The half height leaning device is used to guide the queue and take a short rest, which not only realizes the streamline separation in the limited space, but also provides a convenient and comfortable short rest experience for the customers waiting for the order.

















Project information——

Project Name: CoCo Shop

Location: Guanqian Street, Suzhou

Design Company: OYTT Design

Chief Designer: Tiao Ouyang

Assistant Designer: Danfeng Zhou, Xiaobei Ma, Yun Yao

Area: 50 square meters

Cost: RMB 150000

Design Cycle: Oct. 2019 to Dec. 2019

Completion Time: Dec. 2019

Main Materials: texture,terrazzo, fireproof board

Client Name: Xiwen Dong

Photographer: Yiwen Xu