To analyze a venue is to write a story.

“2004年正月,春节刚过,台湾老一辈面包师张永昆师傅离开台北,带着养成不久的野生酵种,漂洋过海来到大陆。多年来,张师傅像养小孩一样,贴身照顾这看不见的生命,每隔12小时就要用法国南部小麦粉喂养它们一次,更要防止其他菌群混入它们的家族,保证它们既身强体壮, 又血统纯正。十余年过去,至今,它们仍是当年那一群酵母菌的直系后代,为新鲜的面团注入野性的生命力。”

“In the first month of 2004, just after the Spring Festival, Taiwanese baker Zhang Yongkun left Taipei, and came to the mainland with the wild yeast seeds that had just grown up. Over the years, Mr. Zhang has taken care of these invisible lives like raising a child. Every 12 hours he will feed them with southern French wheat flour. Meanwhile, he pays great attention to prevent other flora from mixing into their family, so as to ensure that they are strong and pure. More than a decade has passed, and to this day, they are still the direct descendants of that group of yeasts, injecting wild vitality into fresh dough. ”

▲项目概览general view 


Like humans, wild yeast is a “living body”。


They are all elusive, mysterious, and unpredictable. Only experienced bakers who have been dealing with them for more than ten years can gradually understand their temperament, habits, and regularity of activities. Never despise it, look down on it, and think you can conquer it because it is too small to be seen. On the contrary, wild yeast can never be conquered. Only when you modestly learn and understand it, know how to respect it, and act according to its rules, in the end, it will obey you.


The highest art of taming is respect, not conquest.Wild yeast cannot be tamed. Once tamed, its nature changes.Only respect is the highest art of taming.

▲外观exterior view


Analysis Venue


How to form an overall recognizable spatial image in a small space of less than 100 square meters after removing the kitchen area? For complex surrounding site and function problems, we propose solutions step by step.

▲看向入口view of the entrance


On the plane layout, we “draw” a concentric circle, symbolizing a living body. There are five door openings of different sizes, which are like breathing holes in this space. The “inner circle” dominates the space, and the “outer circle” engraves the brand concept on the ground -awe for the wild. For the problem of the column position in the opening of the original site facade, we made the best use of the situation by simply “hiding” the door that opens and closes outwards behind two columns. It also happens to continue the introverted tone of the brand.



The door frame is an extension of the interior to the outside, and the circular moving line is set to enhance the fluidity of the space. The circulation of space spreads out from the central installation area. The arc-shaped island integrates the functions of product sales, cash register, packaging, coffee beverage production, etc., which not only highlights the unique presence of bread, but also takes care of customers entering the store from different directions. At the inward opening of the bar, the steps formed by raising the ground are connected to the back kitchen area, which distinguishes different functional zones while maintaining the integrity of the space.

▲室内空间interior space

▲入口座位区tasting area by the entrance


There is a circle of arc-shaped seating areas around the central installation area. The bar counter and door frame are sleeved on the façade to divide the space into two groups of guest seating areas. One side uses the original wall combined with the sense of line to plan a more private scattered area to meet the needs of different customer groups.

▲散座区the private scattered area 

Life form


We extracted the form of “wild yeast” fermentation process as the concept.Let the space have a sense of breathability. Just like the holes in the molecular structure of cells, primitive, free but bounded.Bread starts from a small dough that is slowly fermented. We hope that the space can also be in a state of “breathing” like the fermented “dough”. The color and texture of the surface will gradually change subtly, becoming warmer and moister. With the passage of time, space is like life, showing traces of time.

▲中央雕塑 view of the central space


Let the material with signs of life speak.Evolving abstract conceptual forms into materials and textures of space, looking for the most essential and original moving of space and materials. The material of the overall interior space uses demoulded cement bricks, micro-cement, metal, volcanic rock, and other elements to give the space surface a simple and quiet visual-tactile experience. At the same time, we chose the cooked brown in the brand VI as the space keynote. The same tone is maintained in the choice of materials to ensure that people can fully focus on the protagonist of the space – bread.

▲钢板上造型拉槽犹如星轨the shape of the groove on the steel plate is like a star track


The cooked brown steel plate frame and micro-cement are used as the main tone of the whole space. The surface of the micro-cement is treated with holes, just like the natural breathing of the material texture. The surface of the steel plate is oxidized and aged to give a mottled texture, and the surface of the demoulded cement brick is treated with light purple color, just like the temperature of the bread in the baking process. It adds time texture and simple temperature, which is also the trace of life that nature has had.

▲钢板框与微水泥 the cooked brown steel plate frame and micro-cement

Uncertain boundary


Space and boundaries, uncertainty and mutuality.Reconstructing the spatial attributes, the detailed processing of the ceiling and ground modeling creates and breaks through the boundaries.Different angles, different changes.


Turning an “accident” into a “story”, we try to pursue those “uncertainties”.When we saw these broken bricks at the scene, we wondered what to do with it. We want to respect the uncertainty in the process, which implicitly reflects some kind of balance in the process, so we paid tribute to artist Alexander Calder’s philosophical concept of dynamic balance. We made “it” into an installation and hung it in the corner of the space. No more, no less, just right.

▲运输途中破碎的砖broken bricks in transportation


Light, as the guide of space carrier, forms a hymn to shadow.The consideration of lighting in the overall space is mainly based on atmosphere lighting, and the lighting is used as the guide of the space carrier. We wanted to create a medium with a natural, rustic and quiet aesthetic. As Tanizaki Junichiro described in his “In Praise of Shadows”, the subtle beauty that exists in light and dark. The use of demoulded cement bricks on the street facade also makes the light more transparent without being disturbed, and the view of the street corner can also be seen.


From the perspective of God, it looks like a few mouthfuls of stolenly eaten bread.In the open-air outfield area, there are islands floating like installations, like bread that has been “bitten” off a few bites. The arc-shaped enclosing boundary distinguishes “inside” and “outside”. The steel pipe armchair wrapped with hemp rope, which can be relied on at will, is intended to increase its public attributes.

▲被“偷吃”掉几口的面包a few mouthfuls of bread that were “stolenly eaten


The traces of uncertainty brought by time.The sun fades the hemp rope.After the rain, moss grows quietly.The smudges left by children’s laughter and play,Are also imprinted in the traces of time.

▲麻绳缠绕的钢管靠椅增加公共属性The steel tube chair wrapped with hemp rope adds public attributes


Maybe, in the future.It will be eroded by wind and sand,There will also be scratches from raindrops.Just like the mottled texture in old newspapers.In this quiet city, it grows wild.Time cannot tame the wildness of nature,So, traces of life are left.




项目名称:驯·烘焙 |中国 福州



设计机构:BALANCE DESIGN 平衡空间设计






Project information——

Project Name:Xun Bakery | Fuzhou, China

Project Area: Indoor 125㎡

Project Party A:Xun Bakery


Designer in Charge:Dong Xinmeng

Design Team: Dong Xinmeng,Chen Jie

Date of Completion: January 2022

Copywriter: Chen Jie

Project Photographer: Xu Yiwen