Formed by two Chinese characters “从心” which means follow your heart, “怂” does not mean a compromise to life, but means dealing with everything calmly. You can take it easy only when you know exactly what you want.


Founded in August 2020 in Guangzhou, “怂” Chongqing Hot Pot Factory is the first hot pot brand from the perspective of young people.


“怂” is not only a hot pot factory, but also a happy factory. Focusing on the concept of “Happy Factory”, we created the atmosphere of a factory or a workshop under construction.


Bearing the concept of “factory” in mind, we used scenes and features related to the theme in the whole space design. We had made various attempts and design exercises on the theme. After repeated deliberation, we decided not to cover the exhaust pipe at the top of the space. These exposed pipes are not only important functional pipes, but also essential elements of the factory theme. The traverse I beam under the exhaust pipe was used to install the lifting device and the overhead rail factory plate. The hexagon rivet was specially selected to install the pulley of the factory plate, to highlight the sense of the functional structure of the factory theme. The factory plate printed with the slogan, yellow alternating with silver, hangs from the top, which modifies the overall dark tone top and increases the lively atmosphere of the site.


The large octahedral loudspeaker and the LED screen embedded with the three-picture Ad light box are located in the middle of the top. Looking up suddenly, as if you can hear factory rules and regulations and music of the times being broadcast from the loudspeaker. This design portfolio is one of the key points of the whole space and an interesting upward extension of seats well-arranged below. We hope that the space is young and energetic. Young employees would dance to the music at a certain time every day. All items in the space should be able to energize the concept of the brand — lively and happy. Another design highlight is the rotating mechanical cabinet which simulates the manual archives room of the workshop. It is ideally suited to separate the space and display products.


The milky tea workshop is used to produce special milky tea. Its functional design is sourced from real factory life. The small space finally displayed has a compact layout of the central control room of the factory. The broken wall used for the signboard emphasizes the state of “under construction”. Huge colorful oil drums and pipes are indispensable elements of the theme. The reception desk at the entrance is made up of oil drums and trolleys bound with adhesive tape, which is different from the common dull wooden desk.


We design the whole space centering on the concept of “factory”, display a sense of life and vigor, strive to convey the power of brand to customers in the form of space, and hope that you can remind yourself with a hot pot that “Just be happy”.











Project Information——

Project name:The Chongqing Hot-pot Factory of Song

Project location:Metro City, Xuhui District, Shanghai

Designer:OR Design


Project team:Yihao Liu, Liying Zhao , Bowen Peng,Ziming Hua,Xiaoyu Xu

Client:Jiumaojiu International Holdings Limited

Indoor area:380 square meters

Completion date:Sep, 2021

Photography:OR Design