Tot le Matin Boulangerie是位于日本名古屋的一个极简主义空间,由Airhouse设计。“Tot le Matin”在法语中是“清晨”的意思。

Tôt le Matin Boulangerie is a minimalist space located in Nagoya, Japan, designed by Airhouse. Its name, Tôt le Matin, means “early in the morning” in French.



“M” from “Matin” inspired the motif for the lattice on the façade, but its shape also evokes ears of wheat, mountain ridges at dawn, and the slashes cut into French bread before baking. This slanted lattice is serving as a symbol of the shop, expressing the desire to connect people with the business.



We are aligned the entrance to the kitchen so that it symmetrically faces the sales counter, symbolically deifying and drawing attention to the kitchen.The other walls were the other walls were wasted fabricated, we limited new items to the wall separating the kitchen and sales area, the table for displaying bread.




灯具和绿植缓和了室内素净冷清的氛围,设计师摒弃了繁复的设计手法,他们希望创造一个舒适的环境,作为面包店的开始,而烘烤出一个美味可口的面包才是Tôt le Matin真正的“重头戏”。

Pendant lights and plants counteract the cool mood of the interior When designing a unique shop that nevertheless did not require unnecessary complex construction work, we hope to have created a place where beginnings unfold, and where the owner will be able to improve his goal of offering up delicious bread at the start of every day.




项目名称:Tôt le Matin面包店




Project information——

Project:Tôt le Matin Boulangerie



Location:Nagoya, Japan