The project is located at No. 2 Beijing West Road in the center of Gulou District, which is a key urban landscape street, and the opposite is Nanjing‘s landmark Gulou Park. The predecessor of the project was the office building of the Purple Mountain Observatory, which has 7 floors and an indoor area of 7,500 square meters. The indoor and landscape renovations are carried out at the request of the owner.

▲项目前身,Project predecessor


Comprehensive site inspections found that Beijing West Road is not a commercial district and lacks office support facilities. If only defined as a “co-working”, it will be difficult to gather people. After the owner’s in-depth discussion, the final product was finalized into a new community composite business format that integrates eat, work, living and social. And to retain the original concept of the Observatory to a certain extent, how to retain a sober and lonely spirit of exploration in today‘s general social state of “fast fashion”, “fast pace” and “fast consumption”, is also X-WAY once again to the observatory scientists pay tribute.

▲楼层业态分布图,plane diagram

▲轴测图,axonometric drawing


The first and second floors are defined as new retail spaces, the third floor is a new social space, and the fourth to seventh floors are co-working spaces. MXY relies on its avant-garde, novel, trendy and eclectic charm. Attracting a group of upstarts in technology, social leaders, independent designers, vertical internet celebrities, craftsmen, etc. They blend aesthetics into their daily lives, and merge the distance into the near field. Therefore, when MXY thinking about the degree of integration of residents, it is more about thinking about the real needs of the inner level. In today’s plethora of office buildings, workers often look for not the place where the body resides, but the place where the heart is stored, either vulgar or lonely. Those who pursue careers, desire success, desire the spotlight, desire thunderous applause from the stage. MXY goes from a single office scene, to a social platform, to a balance field of power and profit, a display stand of glory and dreams. Combining multiple dimensions such as scientific research, asset management, design, and finance, creates a brand new cultural paradigm and complex space. Because it advocates innovation and interaction, it is also compatible with privacy and dignity. This makes MXY unique in the Nanjing Gulou business district.

▲3F LIFESTYLE 新型社交空间


3F is defined as “the earth”, and the entire floor is released as a testing ground for a new type of social space. The L-shaped space is divided into different scenarios, which can meet the different social and office needs for “team” and “personal”, either dynamic or static. At the beginning of the design, we simulated the trajectory of the 3F one day. At 8:00 the coffee shop is the busiest, the meeting area at 10:00-16:00 is the most demanded, at 19:00 the coffee shop will be transformed into a pub for drinks after get off work, and the fitness area at 21:00 will be a good choice to meet new friends. The pet room at 23:00 is a spiritual comfort to get rid of the tiredness of the day at late night.

▲3F LIFESTYLE 新型社交空间


Partially set up open workstations, with rivers, grass and green plants echoing the design concept of 3F “Earth Headquarters”,take green as the main tone of this floor.



4F is defined as the “moon” that can be reached at the speed of light in 1 second. The pink moon is the most romantic and dreamy, then the designer chose pink as the main color of the floor. The first sight of guests arriving on this floor is a wall of lighting installations, slowly telling people the changes in the tide of the moon in a year by this way.



The old magazines left by the observatory are neatly placed in the corners of the space, which once again remind people of the forgotten history.



5F is “Saturn “ that can be reached at the speed of light in one day. The orange of Saturn is used as the main color of the floor. Washroom is made of black perforated steel plate with a high saturated orange back at the bottom. The shape of the bronze mirror is taken from the fantasy shape of the spaceship and runs through the entire space.



6F is “solar system” that can be reached at the speed of light in one year. We think that the fantasy of the solar system should be rich, with saturated warm colors and distinct layers.



In the soft decoration design, we choose different sun-colored furniture and pendants to match. Wool, fine linen, leather, metal, glass and wood grain are intertwined to complete our ultimate fantasy of the solar system.


层次分明的太阳系。Hierarchical solar system.


7F is the “Milky Way” that takes 100,000 years to reach the speed of light. This is the end of our journey at the speed of light.










项目设计 & 完成年份:2019-2020




建筑面积:7500 平方米