Children have the purest perception of world and painting is the simplest medium of expression for them to fully use their imagination without the constraints of proportion, structure, color or theme. Therefore, art education is more like “a free but instructive practice” to children.

米仓学员绘画作品 paintings by Micang students


Micang, an innovative art institute for teenagers and children, has a unique view in children art education that every child shines in his/her own way like a star regardless of the disparity and similarity. Micang team has been working on innovative professional art programs in the hope that children can become more self-disciplined in a free environment where they can imagine wilder and have a better sense of arts.

快乐星球 Planet of Joy


Inspired by planets, the design seeks to find a balance between the angle of adults and children. The experimental space integrating fun, freedom and openness is a result of thinking out of the box.


Walk into the indoor space, and you can see a scene full of fizz and sparkle, with secrets in every corner, all pushing you to explore.


Geometric patterns extending from the outdoor area to indoor room enhance the visual integrity. The reflection of mirror and visual disparity of human causes the optical illusion of space expansion and distortion.


We kept an original concrete column which is the only unprocessed object in the space. Between the pillar and the blue foam pad tied to the pillar, a plaster figure for sketch can be exactly tucked into the gap.


To make it an open space, we did not add any partition wall, but used three columns of different shapes to divide the space into front hall and back hall. The front hall with sofa and tea table is for rest and waiting while the back hall with a set of stepped stands is for lecture and exhibition.


Instead of using various colors, we chose neutral ones such as white, gray, and wood as the bottom color, interspersed with vivid ones like orange, blue and green to guide the focus of audience.


Between the upper and lower blue glass pillar, a metal ball reflecting the entire layout is placed as a gorgeous symbol of geometric structure.

动静相宜 Balance of dynamic and quietness


Compared with the dynamic and open space downstairs, the second floor mainly highlights a quiet atmosphere for children to be concentrated on painting, with several independent rooms divided for different classes.


Curves extending from the window frames to the arched wooden door are in harmonious proportion with hard lines, adding playfulness and fun to the space.

为街区注入活力 New vitality on the street


The outdoor space is open to the street and the external walls are decorated with assorted modern geometric designs, big or small, strong or weak.


Look upward, and you can see a tiger, the cartoon image of Micang, designed by artists for the project. The tiger statute is lying lazily on the roof, quite like a cat.

我们用不锈钢金属材质打造了富有未来感的Mini Gallery,既是个小画廊,同时也是“好奇心收集器”,通过不同大小、高度的孔洞,可以“窥探”置于画室空间内部的展览,增强了人与空间的互动性;

The futuristic Mini Gallery built from stainless steel is both a gallery and a “curiosity collector”. You can “peek” through the holes of different sizes and heights to enjoy the exhibition inside the studio, a design strengthening the interactivity between people and space.










施工:杭州名淙装饰工程有限公司 许卫明

照明设计:杭州力诚照明 孔力华



Project Information——

Project Name:Micang Art Space


Area:about 240㎡

Design Firm:XianXiangDesign

Chief Design:Yuan Lijun

Design Team:Huang Meifeng, Zhu Kerun

Construction:Xu Weiming, Mingcong Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. (Hangzhou)

Lighting Design:Kong Lihua, Licheng Lighting Co., Ltd. (Hangzhou)

Materials:aluminium plates, faux finish, terrazzo, silver mirror

Photography:Wang Minjie