Big and Tiny是位于加州的一个独特的集合式亲子空间,于2018年7月落成。这是第一个集学习、娱乐和工作为一体的空间,设计师巧妙将儿童保育融入传统公共办公空间,他们希望通过这个项目帮助带孩子的父母将他们的个人生活同职业生活结合起来,打造一个充满活力的亲子社区。

Launched in July 2018, Big and Tiny is a unique enrichment space in Santa Monica. It is the first integrated learn, play and work space with entrepreneurial parents in mind. We bring the flexibility of traditional co-working spaces to child care. The mission of the company is to support and empower our vibrant community of parents by helping them integrate their personal and professional lives.



We began with an empty 2,100 sq. foot space where the main protagonist is the high wood bow truss ceiling that limits the space transversely. These trusses would eventually divide the space into three separate areas with the middle one being the predominant space. Using the original truss ceiling as an example of a universal geometric language, we created a repetitive modular and constructive system, that remind us of a puzzle. This adaptable system creates appealing elevations in all the three areas.


The front reception/retail area is a multipurpose space with bespoke iron furniture on the walls and a counter in the back. The modular and movable cubes offers the flexibility to configure the space according to different needs. The retail area includes iron shelves and racks using same geometric language.



The main central space is presented inside a large wooden structure. This area is divided in two parts: The playground, or “Tinyland”, includes wooden play structures such as the ball pit and slide; and the art studio, where children work on their art projects and take other enrichment classes.

第三个区域位于大型木结构和室外露台之间,是为家长提供服务的共享型办公空间,配备了Normann Cophenhagen的办公桌椅和ROOM的隔音装置。

The third and final area, located between the big wooden structure and the outdoor patio, is reserved for our co-working members. This space features office furniture from Normann Cophenhagen and a soundproof phone both by ROOM.





项目名称:Big And Tiny集合亲子空间


建筑师:Miguel Crespo Picot, Javier Guzmán Benito, Sixto Martín Martínez




摄影:Aaron & Jon Photographers

Project information——

Project Name:Big and Tiny enrichment space


Architects: Miguel Crespo Picot, Javier Guzmán Benito, Sixto Martín Martínez


Floor Area:195㎡

Location:California, USA

Photography: Aaron & Jon Photographers