“Lanshansu” boutique hotel is located in Fuxian Lake-Xiaowan B&B area, a high-quality tourist resort area of Fuxian Lake, in Xiaowan Village, Chengjiang County, Yuxi City. Covers an area of 3 acres.





Lanshansu has a spacious courtyard. The design not only fully considers the ventilation and lighting of the building, but also considers the relationship between the building and the landscape.





Today’s homestay industry is developing with each passing day. Various forms have sprung up like mushrooms. The diversification of forms is also spawned by the current consumer market. However, we have always emphasized that geography, location, culture, interest and differentiation, we hope that the products we design can integrate these elements. Make full use of the existing terrain and adapt to local conditions, as if it grew out of this place.




This is a farmer’s house renovation project. The entire house structure is a brick-concrete structure, and the renovation is subject to great limitations, but we still try our best to make every room have the best viewing effect, so that the beautiful Fuxian Lake, Become a part of the room to achieve an organic connection between indoor and outdoor. Let the beautiful scenery be unobstructed.




Here, there is no ancient tradition, nor completely modern. The design language uses traditional materials combined with modern expression methods. Detotemization, highly refined totems and symbols. Walking among them, I feel everything is taken for granted!There is no glory and nobility, no mundane things, all that is left is sunshine, air, beautiful scenery, you and your companions!




当建筑师回归工匠本身When the architect returns to the craftsman


When an architect returns to the role of a craftsman, and departs from electronic technology to rely on years of experience to physically and accurately control the building, the work can truly be unique. The boundary between sculpture and architecture is blurred again, and the distance between art and life is gradually getting closer. The architect’s pursuit of details is the true craftsman quality.




“Lan Shan Su” Boutique B&B Hotel is located in Fuxian Lake-Xiaowan B&B area. The design fully considers the interaction between the building and the terrain environment. As a hotel landmark, the single “ant colony” of a small building plays the role of a VIP suite in function. At the same time, it breaks the traditional construction elements and reconstructs the old terrain in the entire site environment.



The designer hopes to break people’s inherent impression of functional rooms through the shaping of space, and to feel the power of nature and light in the interweaving of avant-garde space experience and daily living in a hotel.



In a children’s painting with the theme of an ant nest, you can see the children’s imagination about the space function and transportation of the ant nest. Through the three-dimensional design and construction, the children’s interest in the eyes of ordinary people and the interweaving space of light and shadow in the designer’s view are merged into one, so that different The user group can feel the impact of spatial organization changes.




Nature’s potential for space construction is endless. Absorbing natural elements is a call to human nature and wildness. The power from nature is the most primitive, direct, and capable of touching people. The site was originally an abandoned residential water cellar, located at the corner of the turning slope, sinking into the low terrain, but at the same time located at the entrance of the hotel. The bold insertion of “ant nest” breaks the usual practice of green coverage, injects vitality into the negative space of the site, and becomes the hotel’s landmark and “welcome card”.







The curved surface can blur the junction of light and dark and guide light softly. At the same time, the curved wall is covered with folds and texture, which naturally guides people through the space.



When the spatial volume of curved surface structure is given simple functions, the surrealistic space can softly stimulate the human senses. The texture, light, and space are intertwined with each other, which can give people a soft touch.




The design process of ant’s nest is completely separated from computer modeling and depends on the architect’s years of accumulated experience and on-site control. Only when architects have returned to the status of craftsmen can they truly feel the space through the entity and grasp the details of the carving.


No standard drawings were drawn in the early stage, and the architect “painted” on the spot.

手工编钢筋“脊骨”Hand braided steel “spine”

包裹金属网Wrapped metal mesh

喷涂表层水泥Spray surface cement

整体浇灌Whole watering

采光井和通风井Light shaft and ventilation shaft


完成形体建设后实地测试、定点装设光源。After the completion of the body construction, field testing and fixed-point installation of light sources.



配套自制工艺品Supporting homemade crafts


配套定制窗帘Matching custom curtains




















Project information——

Project Name: Lanshansu Seaview B&B

Project address: Xiaowan Village, Chengjiang County, Yuxi City

Building area: 2800 square meters

Design Concept: Lazy afternoon

Project owner: Yuxi Lanshansu Hotel Management Co., Ltd.

Design agency: Changkong Creation

Designer: Zhang Baohua

Design team: Liu Sitang, Jing Xuchu, Jiang Yingqiang, Wang Chunyi, Li Quanjiang, Zhou Linhua

Project Photography: Jing Xuchu

Main materials of the project: logs, tiles, hemp rope, rattan, steel, glass

Soft furnishings: custom furniture, fishing boats, dead branches, cloth art, wood embroidery

Design time: 2017

Completion time: May 2020