The Z&BEAR project site is located in a commercial villa area. The large, eye-catching doors enhance the declarative nature of the clinic. Thin metal frames hold the elements together. By controlling the proportions, each element in the light box presents an elegant scale and a rigorous and rational first impression. The clinic is divided into two floors. The reception and part of the treatment space are set up on the first floor, and the main medical functions are set up on the second floor.


The professional needs of clear layout, scientific and efficient streamline, and unified logo often open the distance between space and people. How to balance professionalism and distance is a question discussed by Z&BEAR Zhang Xiaoxiong.

# 第一部分 与体验者#

The first part is with the experimenter


Z&BEAR was born in response to the new consumer demand of Generation Z, covering a variety of projects such as Shuiguang Convenience Store, Black Technology baby Light and Hot Maggie. Meet the multi-age groups of people for beauty exploration. The pursuit of beauty and freedom, light, flexible and unpredictable, this skin is often increasingly tough and calm of the inner quality, since the birth of the spare no effort to devote to women’s global fast fashion light medical beauty brand.


This time, we uphold the brand concept of “innovation” and “science”, diversified to meet the new needs of contemporary women’s skin care. Here, the underlying logic of the design lies in how to guide the brand to more interaction with the demander with a variety of situational arrangements.


One of the highlights of the design is a central stainless steel booth consisting of four sections, which are located in the center of the space. Stainless steel furniture neutralizes the brutalist beauty of the wall art paint, creating a calm and elegant space atmosphere. The integration of high-tech products and original technology will implement the concept of “coexistence of the present and the future” in the whole space experience of the store.


For the sequence and scale of their existence in space, it is reasonable to interpret the texture, weight, density and temperature of still life with human skin.


Imagine the space as a box, open the originally closed box, introduce multi-level light, and re-sort the relationship between functional streamline and structural materials, so that the building itself is visually presented as a moment when a force is growing up to the surrounding walls, dialogue with the surrounding environment under the harmonious conflict, providing a comfortable place for communication, display and rest.


The logos and fonts in the scene emphasize the overall vision and enhance the brand identity, convey the brand spirit in a clear and concise way, and realize the multi-dimensional expression of the brand.

# 第二部分 与静物 #

Part II and still life


Each material and detail is thoughtfully integrated. The LED on the top and the facade of order, vertical, parallel and integrated, create a three-dimensional, uniform light and ritual display space.


The purity of materials, the combination of functions and the creation of details naturally show the appropriate spatial level, so that products and services can release the best attitude in the concise spatial form language.


The use of mirror unlocks multiple possibilities of space segmentation, multiple reflections of shadow and light, and forms virtual shadows of interaction between human and space, creating rich spatial levels and dimensions.

# 第三部分 与环境 #

The third part and the environment


Space is not an isolated existence, it should be closely connected with the users. When space can affect emotions and guide behavior, identity and sense of belonging begin to emerge.


Through the planning and integration of the original space area, the space is not limited to the service subject itself, but also a diversified social space.

# 第四部分 与流动 #

The fourth part is about flow


Space walking pursues the mobility of space. It provides the possibility of moving observation. The space sequence progresses and unfolds slowly as the observer moves through the building, and thus the space ebay is generated.


The open space can inject more spiritual power into the place. We combine the frame system and support system into the expression of elements to form the freedom and openness of the space. The volume with the staircase as the connecting center draws back the space energy that expands around to make the space integrated.


The facade design advocates simplicity and simplicity, cancelling superfluous decoration, extremely thrifty, highlighting the sense of design, smart and varied in space creation.

# 第五部分 与空间 #

The fifth part and space



Starting from the specific behavioral scale of users on a beauty bed, the spatial somatosensory and surrounding functional configuration are analyzed and extended. This design method provides the guest room with extremely high spatial functional applicability and the balance of the sense of experience under the condition of limited area, and through the compact space structure, creates the orientation of the internal moving line and the extension of the space and the sense of the body.










客户:张小熊 Z&BEAR