The Shanghai No.1 Pharmacy store with a history of 69 years reopened after renovation at No. 616 Nanjing East Road. DUTS design, together with the owner Bailian Group and Shanghai No.1 Pharmacy, carried out architectural and interior renovations for the building, transforming the old building into an “ecological window” facing the Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street. The store has been upgraded and transformed into HEALTH+ complex, with all-age, multi-scene, multi-functional health related products and service, presenting a colorful healthy lifestyle for people.


Project Background




The project is located on Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street in Shanghai, which is known as “the NO.1 commercial street in China”. Shanghai No.1 Pharmacy store here has grown up with generations and left an indelible emotional memory in the hearts of Shanghai people. In November 1953, the first sales department of the Shanghai branch of the state-owned Chinese pharmaceutical company was born in the Yongan Building, No. 627 Nanjing East Road. The height of the building was comparable to that of international hotels in Shanghai at that time. A state-owned pharmacy, it is also the second large state-owned retail store after Zhongbai No.1 department store. On September 1, 1978, Shanghai No.1 Pharmacy store moved to No. 616 Nanjing East Road, and officially resumed business in October 1979. In 1992, together with the renovation of Nanjing Road, Shanghai No.1 Pharmacy store started the renovation on February 7, and on November 28 of the same year, a 7-storey pharmaceutical building was built on the original site.


Because the building is relatively old and the facade has potential safety hazards, in 2021, Shanghai No.1 Pharmacy store on east Nanjing Road started its renovation plan, and the building facade and interior space needed to be upgraded. At the same time, with the change of business model and urban lifestyle, Shanghai No.1 Pharmacy store also wishes to change from a traditional store to an all-round healthy service platform.


Renovation Strategy



The renovation design dismantled the original building facade. DUTS design team kept the basic outline of the original building, while refined and strengthened the facade elements. Partial facade was opened, forming a more modern and simple facade style without complicated and cumbersome demolition and construction.

The renovated and repaired facade is divided into three areas, and DUTS design team has also formulated different renovation methods for it. Like a slowly opening book, the colorful and moving stories change gradually, attracting people to read and explore.



“How can a time-honored brand be renewed? For this project, we reorganized its location and architectural features, and transformed part of the facade into an “ecological window”, so that the store can have a better interactive relationship with the crowded Nanjing East Road, attracting more people into the store. At the same time, we have changed the layout of traditional department stores to make people’s indoor experience more scene-based and more adaptable to the needs of all age groups. We hope that the new Shanghai No.1 Pharmacy store is like a medicine cabinet that is slowly opening, presenting a colorful and healthy lifestyle for people.” said by Zhong Ling, the founder and chief architect of DUTS design.


Interiors Renovation Strategy


Shanghai No.1 Pharmacy is a highly trusted brand in Shanghai pharmacies. It has always been a healthy neighbor and a doctor at the door of Shanghai citizens. In addition to the improvement of space quality and image, the interior upgrade of Shanghai No.1 Pharmacy store also needs to be fully upgraded in function and experience.



Full of green and warm space atmosphere, it provides consumers with emotional, spiritual, and warm solutions for the whole life cycle and health management process, and creates a comprehensive “Health+ Town” with total health and wellness solutions for citizens.


The interior renovation combines the owner’s reorganization of the original commodity system to make it more in line with the healthy purchase needs of today’s consumers. Combining the characteristics of this project, DUTS design team made the interior layout no longer limited to the style of traditional pharmacies and department stores, but transformed into a new consumption place combining retail and immersive health management services.


The originally narrow entrance was widely opened, bringing an open and bright space atmosphere for the whole store. The wood fiber board used on the first-floor facade made the warm wood color extend from the outside to the inside, echoing the circular island area in the interior.


“Shanghai No.1 Pharmacy store is a time-honored brand trusted by Shanghai citizens. In terms of space atmosphere, quality and professionalism are very important. At the same time, we believe that this space is also a warm, friendly place full of medical and humanistic caring.”


White and wood color blend in the first-floor space, bringing a professional, reassuring and humanistic atmosphere. In addition to health care products for middle-aged and elderly people, the first floor also adds trendy healthy tea drinks. It is hoped that the attention to health will become the needs of people of all ages, and young people will also pay attention to a healthy lifestyle.

On the side facade of the first floor, there is a special 24-hour service “non-closed” medical insurance window, which continuously provides medical insurance services for citizens.


On the second floor, a new health testing center and the purchase of overseas e-commerce products have been opened. The designers also reorganized the indoor display, organically combining the orderly product display area with the changeable interactive experience area. The facade of the second floor will also introduce a naked-eye 3D screen, bringing more possibilities of digital interactive experience to the time-honored brand.


DUTS team organically combines scene service and product display to create a complex space of “health + experience + social”.



On the third floor, various medical devices are presented in the form of service scenarios, such as aging center, visual health center, hearing center, breathing and sleep center, family rehabilitation center…meet the needs of people of different ages. The fourth floor is DTP pharmacy and dual-channel pharmacy designated by medical insurance. The service counter on the central island brings consumers a 360-degree convenient experience, and at the same time, the pharmacies opened for patients with special needs. There are also lectures and salon area on the fourth floor. Health and wellness lectures are held from time to time to integrate the concept of health into life and bring more services and convenience to the public.


Health is closely related to our quality of life. Paying attention to people’s health is also concerned with the future of urban development. The upgraded and refurbished Shanghai No.1 Pharmacy store has upgraded the traditional pharmacy to a comprehensive health service mall, and the traditional time-honored brand has turned into an “ecological window” on the prosperous Nanjing East Road, bringing more convenient medical services and conveying scientific health. The concept of life makes contemporary people cherish the value of health more.





项⽬⾯积:2640 平方米(1F-4F)


建筑及室内设计:DUTS design杜兹设计




Project information——

Project name:Shanghai No.1 Pharmacy store Renovation Project

Location: 1-4F, No.616 East Nanjing Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai. China

Client:  Shanghai No.1 Pharmacy store

Area: 2640 sqm (1F-4F)

Architect in charge: Ling Zhong

Design Team: DUTS design

Architectural & Interior design: Yingqi Hu、Michael Shi、Jiangjian Su、 Yan Zhang、 Zhe Xiang、 Jiayu Wan、Tianyang Gu、Wangda Wu

Construction drawing design:Shanghai  Longilat Architecture Design & Research Institute

Photographs: LLAP