Remodeling classics


Space design can span time and space, time, future and present.


鲁班精神 · 匠心营造 · 专注极致   

Lu Ban Spirit·It’s a work of art· Focused to the Max


The essence of design is to constantly transcend and explore.




Brand Profile



Adhering to the “artisan spirit”, DGVI has never stopped exploring the combination of clothing and art for 20 years. In 2022, it set sail with a new upgrade. The opening of DGVI facing unknown challenges: “Remodeling” is both innovation and starting point; Respect everything of classic authority; Stop looking for the source and focus on the destination to create a new DGVI! Let the charm of upstart women get a perfect return.



The brand-new brand concept and the original brand space image can’t meet their needs. Bobo, founder of LubanEra·Design, was specially invited to upgrade the brand space image.






Reinvent Yourself



All along, what we have been pursuing is not only the design language and design techniques themselves, but also more thoughts: how to highly integrate the market demand, operation function and space aesthetics, and provide a new direction for brands to explore design; How to crush the old rules and the existing order, reorganize them, and complete the transformation and remodeling.


We hope to expand the relationship between people and space from an international perspective, through integration, collision and experience, and create a brand-new consumption memory picture for consumers. At the same time, we hope to weaken the sense of existence in space design, more reflect the sense of integration between space and people, and endow space with the artistry of free understanding.



Nirvana rebirth



This design takes “remodeling” as the overall conceptual theme. In terms of space layout, it abandons the fragmentary feeling brought by color division. The classic black, white and gray tones construct the whole space, and the overlapping of different materials puts the sequential level, art and light and shadow aesthetics in the contemporary design context.


The booth made of stainless steel+stone+glass is cold and rational, which complements the space design. Together, customers can feel DGVI’s brand-new brand concept at a glance.


It is an important carrier of the brand value of space, from material selection to texture form; A high degree of consistency in shaping brand value. The space adopts stone with strong line texture, semi-transparent sunlight board, micro-cement and stainless steel to intervene in the space. LubanEra·Design uses the space to convey the brand value and interpret the brand style and cultural spirit.



Cheetah Aesthetics



Proportion, form, material, light, details … The tangible aesthetic design language is endowed with infinite imagination space in space, and the spatial relationship and field order are redefined. After deconstructing the brand’s previous pain points and demands, and combining with the understanding of the scene space, LubanEra decided to take the galloping “Cheetah” as the prototype, transform it into the conceptual elements of space design, and deconstruct space art.


Through the deconstruction and remodeling of “cheetah”, with the help of modernist design language and techniques, the element of “cheetah” runs through the whole space with different appearances, materials and forms, forming a series of visual focuses.



Break through boundaries



In the search for self-breakthrough, LubanEra joined hands with DGVI brand to break through the aesthetic boundary between fashion and space, and reached a consensus on multi-dimensional perspectives of structural remodeling, artistic innovation and aesthetic scene interpretation. Construct the space design aesthetics exclusive to DGVI brand.




项目名称|DGVI (第迹维爱)

项目地址|广东 · 深圳









Project Information——

Project Name:DGVI Concept store

Project Address:Guangdong, Shenzhen

Type of Project:Business Space

Project Area: 123 ㎡

Completion Time: 2021.9

Design Firm:LubanEra·Design

Creative Director: Bobo

Original Design: Wendy

Design Team:Mai qincai, Yeung Ming

Space Photography:Nie Xiaocong