BA is a chain bakery brand with new French bread as its core product


This project is located in the E pavilion of Chongqing Longfor Paradise Walk, which is also the first flagship store of BA in the mountain city.


The brand is located in the downtown commercial district of Chongqing, hoping to provide more new customers with delicious products and high-quality consumption experience.

我们从BA的品牌发展史出发:将BA与法式面包的相遇、融合、发展三个阶段,对应地标相连接。从法国到昆明再到重庆的轨迹,成为本次设计的线索。提出“山山而川 · 浪漫而来”的设计概念:以连绵的山川连接时空,以浪漫主义态度发酵品牌特质。

Starting from the brand history of BA in short: Encountering in France, Integrating in Kunming, and Developing in Chongqing. In this case, the track from France to Kun-ming and then to Chongqing becomes the clue of this design. Therefore, the design concept is proposed as “Never Ending romances”, which is an abstraction that ro-mance is coming from thousands of miles away, through time and space.


Layout: the whole space is circular moving line layout, to meet the high daily shipments of our store. In the meantime, it also provides customers with a full range of product options, bringing the bread closer to the customer.


Modeling: The interior space is dominated by the intersecting dome shape, forming a space with a sense of ceremony. Apart from that, the wall of the store adopts natural stone with dry-hanging pavement, so that natural materials and artificial modeling design are integrated. In this case, the original charm of nature, and the romanticism comes from the passion for life are also integrated into the space. This encounter be-tween bread and mountains forms a full and immersive space of five senses.


Details: The natural stone in the interior space becomes the best foil for bread, with the lighting arrangement to make the bread more stereoscopic and eye-striking. Ad-ditionally, the vision of the brand jumps on the wall like a note, as if commanding an endless song from the kitchen to the front.


As the director of BA said, “This is a fusion of French romance and Chinese moun-tain culture, showing the unique charm of elegance and wildness”.


项目名称:「BA」新法式烘焙 品牌空间设计







Project Information——

Project Name:[BA] New French baking brand space design


Location:1F in E Pavilion of Longfor Paradise Walk, Yuzhong District, Chongqing


Designer:Whatever Design Office

Project Design:Junbo Li, Wenqi Tang, Xing Gao, Hui Wang

Space photography:RIYE Photography