“We plan the world through abstract concepts, and through art, translate thoughts, intuitions, feelings and intentions into actions that can change reality.”

——Olafur Eliasson


“VAGTEERA is located at the Dobe International Culture and Art Center in Gusu District, Suzhou, just a stone’s throw away from one of the “Four Famous Gardens of China”, the Humble Administrator’s Garden.


In view of the special location of this project, we hope to adopt some kind of subversive exhibition mode to explore the experimental way of “integration” of product and art aesthetics.


By reshaping the “experience” through the spatial interface, the overall scenario of “visit → empathy → shopping” is created. The 240-square-meter indoor space has been transformed into a stage for young geeks: delivering cutting-edge fashion concepts and mapping the future attitude of life.




With the theme of “floating half of the earth”, it breaks people’s preconceptions and emphasizes a pre-determined “untold”.


The process of “construction” focuses on the jagged blocks extending in different sections; following the “generative” perspective of the original structure and functional needs, the internal skeleton of the space is shaped. The natural state of either cutting or articulation results in a “new” spatial order, which carries its own field of clues as a penetration.

▲概念方案 conceptual design


The interior plan is considered by the designer as a “composite” of two rectangular areas, “one small, one large”.


The smaller space naturally becomes the “lead” and thus transitions into the larger rectangular block. Based on the original load-bearing columns, a revolving staircase is set up as an “axis” to create a natural migration line, while giving the merchandise area a free and outward-looking character. The floor-to-ceiling glass around the perimeter not only divides the inner and outer boundaries spatially, but also preserves the openness of the visual aspect, facilitating the interaction and communication between the outdoor scenery and the interior furnishings.

▲平面布置图(1F) floor plan (1F)

▲平面布置图(2F) floor plan (2F)


A large right-angle fan-shaped glass window is set up against the wall, and the products are hung on the inside, providing its own window display function.


“What is this?” –The purpose of the design is half accomplished when people ask such questions and think at first sight, thus stimulating their curiosity and interest in the interior of the space.

▲项目外观 The exterior of the VAGTEERA project


[Interface|Module Order]


The “order” is like a seed that can give rise to the “abstract geometric concept” of the whole space.


The combination of circular generalization and curved edges, and the interweaving of vertical and horizontal interfaces, reflects the attitude of “soft outside and rigid inside” of the space.

▲内部界面 interior interface


The space partitioning is interpreted with a “modular” mindset, and the form of “collocation” construction takes into account the form of integration and interconnection between functional areas to meet multiple requirements such as product display and consumer shopping.

▲内部界面 Interior interface of VAGTEERA


[Material|Contrast Return]


Materials, while giving the space texture, often determine the expression of certain emotions.


Glossy metal and acrylic materials lay a modern and fashionable tone, echoing the granular texture of tiles and rough stones, and presenting a condensed expression of technological innovation and the process of exploring the unknown of nature.


The unrefined stone is an “alien” in the precise and restrained space; it is like a carefully planned small “attack” on the original order. This “attack” creates an obvious sense of conflict, but instead creates the unique personality of the space itself.

▲内部多元材质的组合表达 Expression of the combination of multiple materials inside

▲二楼空间 Second floor space


Nature is abstracted and placed in the avant-garde style of the space; the contrasting relationship built by the return of materials to focus on completes the richness of internal details and layers of feeling, and also reflects the subtle state of “VAGTEERA” with the Humble Administrator’s Garden and the surrounding natural environment.


[Color|Outward-looking avant-garde]


Color, through vision, determines people’s impression of the characteristics of the outside world.


The exposed material, unadorned, returns to the original truth; the outward expression of color, accumulating the tension of “explosion”, seeks to break the stereotype through “restraint” and create a “touch The outward expression of color is accumulating the tension of “explosion”, and seeks to break the stereotype through “restraint” to create a fantasy experience of “touching” the future.


Design and nature, vintage and future; the color combination of Klein blue and fluorescent green in the gray tone, find the overlapping multi-dimensional space between past, present and future.

▲色彩表达 color expression




Reflecting and looking back in the design; gazing and self-reflection in the “process”.

这,是一场THE SPACE的未知遨游;亦是一次当下对未来、现象与本质的深度思考……

This is a journey into the unknown of THE SPACE; it is also a deep reflection on the future, the phenomenon and the essence of the present ……

▲轴测分解,axon exploded


项目名称:VEGTEERA 漂浮的半分地球买手店