The year 2021 is a new world moment for people, as the ideological fabric of life is gradually restored when it has almost been disintegrated. After everything is back on track, some people are busy and regain their confidence in life. However, for designers, the most urgent thing is to re-examine the reality they are living in, so as to rethink the function of art again and imagine the future needs of the human world.

01.情景 scenario


The straight line and arc, two well-organized solid blocks and sensual curved surface form, attempt to describe the spatial representation, and at the same time simplify the complexity of the internal structure and equipment of the space, presenting in the space with a kind of eye-grabbing minimalist modeling.


Meditate on this, everything seems to be calm but it contains a mysterious power. The light gradually turns on, and the color and texture of the material changes to reflect the most real self-emotion. In the amplified personal emotion, people will re-examine their inner and surrounding environment and summon up the courage to pursue the voice of their own soul.


The walls are mainly composed of granite with different textures. They are composed, thick and tough, standing still in the constantly changing environment. The original rough skin fully interacts with the equal light, creating another kind of changing texture. Here, the overall background color is given priority to with a purer black and gray tone, and the black sculptural volume also opens the level with the public space.


The competition between granite and latex paint highlights the sense of conflict of spatial elements layer by layer through the combination relationship and combination form of materials in space. Meanwhile, the differentiation of the two main spatial forms is deliberately made to convey the conflict and integration between rational logic and perceptual changes.

02.联结 coupling


The first floor of the project is 8.9 meters deep in diameter, 4.2 meters in width and 4.6 meters in height. The scale is small and long. As the focus of our renovation, how to reasonably plan the functional area and how to make use of the advantages of architecture to increase the sense of space have become our main design focus. In order to avoid making a narrow and shabby space, our strategy is to create rich levels and depth by allowing people to constantly move and watch in it, and visually enhance the architectural sense of the interior space.


In contrast to the original open structure, we did not use too much structural language to modify the spatial structure. In the plane and facade, we used four straight lines and an area to plan out the basic direction of the space.


On the plane, in the center of the space, all the vertical Spaces are connected by a single area, the main traffic movement line from the first floor to the second floor, the traffic movement line from the second floor to the third floor, and the space area from the second floor. The same is true of the facade, while restrained, the use of space has reached the ultimate.


In terms of spatial language, we use pure geometric form to remove the deliberate decoration and shape, so that the space returns to its origin and brings a moment of peace for people who get away from the noise of the city. In the choice of material, gray texture paint and black leather are attached to the interweaving relationship of the body. After the enhancement of color, they suggest movement and ensure the unity of the space.


The metal elements of the wall follow the staircase, following the spatial order, and the contrast between soft and hard is full of vitality. Lines, planes, and components unfold in an orderly manner along formal logic and internal structure, bringing about rhythmic beauty and layers of depth. In such gray basic key, woodiness natural feeling and comfort intersperse in the meantime, brought appropriate temperature for the space. And the delicate wood veneer also provided a guarantee for the quality of the space. The convergence of gray concrete combines woodiness clear run, quiet and not callous. The main material of the granite building floor. We continue this inside in the open public space, where the inside and the outside seem to have a dialogue through granite and wood finishes, or between the past and the present.


In order to make the space open and transparent to the street, we hide the door frames, tracks and so on to the maximum extent, so as to provide almost undisturbed interior effect for the perspective of the street. At the same time, the living scenes of the street are incorporated into the space and become the content of dynamic exhibition.


Take comfort in the noise. That’s our definition of this space. Life and growth, creation and fulfillment will be in it.

03.交织 mixed


A large number of blank Spaces and interspersive volumes separate, transform and reorganize the whole space, allowing the free growth and coordination between the building and the interior, increasing the richness of the connection between the first floor and the second floor, and at the same time realizing the spatial transition from aggregation to evacuation.


In the interior space, a large amount of white space creates a minimalist surface that focuses on the aesthetics of the scene and amplifies the spatial story. The whole space is pure and tidy, which strengthens people’s perception of spatial framework and order.


The symmetrical floor frame extends the view of the customers, and the corner hides the fitting room; The delicate texture of metope and rough grain on the ground added a wild for the quiet space. Outside the fitting room, the whole body mirror and soft suede curtain bring the whole space back to tranquility. Embedded lighting to enhance the store’s sense of hierarchy, light foil metal laminates, make its texture more full and prominent.


We want to make a space, a temperament or a state, can connect the space itself with the owner of the space. The whole space is based on light color to express a kind of empty space. I can regard any empty space as an empty stage. Everyone has a desire to perform, and a good space should allow people to become dancers as well as spectators. You’re there to present, and you’re watching other people present.


The gray of the large surface is presented by the concrete texture, which ensures the purity of the overall tone while being full of details. The combination of the purity of the color and the purity of the geometric form completely removes the mundane complexities, allowing people to slow down the rhythm and calm their hearts.

04.序列 sequence


In terms of material and shape, in order to relieve the inherent sense of oppression in small space, light tone and square block are used to expand the space interface. Pure space and pure time are doomed to dissipate in the shadows, and only the combination of the two can continue to preserve an independent objective fact.


The overall design of the three floors does not stick to the foundation provided by the original building, but makes full use of the geometric proportion carrying the design beauty in the space, and seeks for new balance and beauty in the overlapping and interlocking of different Spaces. Combine array, arc and other spatial languages to shape a variety of spatial levels.


The wooden island is the center of the space and the focal point of the design. Designers carefully select the natural texture and texture of wood grain. This tactile, sensual and emotional nuance also elevates the temperature of the interior space. It is a continuation of the brand spirit to feel humanity and the world with a beautiful and romantic heart through subtle antagonistic relations, and to build links between space, soul and clothing.


Design rejects any rules. We hope to constantly transcend ourselves in exploration, pursue the essence of space, balance the relationship between practicality and beauty, and make it a carrier to seek inner peace.