Tea embodies humanity and culture. Its inherent ancient wisdom as well as its pure and clean beauty have surpassed an awareness of East and West to gain universal acceptance. This beverage is healthy and suitable for social interactions. In the context of a new era, tea‘s dual advantages express it in more enriched and diverse ways, making it a suitable aspect of modern urban residents’ lifestyles.

茶妆品牌Cosmetea,颠覆美妆以往定义,将传统的Tea与潮流的Cosmetics创新融合,运用“Tea Beauty Science”,衍生自然主义的东方情愫为当代时尚美学。Nax Architects奈时设计为Cosmetea打造线下体验店,从空间设计和品牌策划的维度,构筑艺术化和沉浸式的场景体验,探索自然与人造之间,既有环境与未来建筑之间的关系哲学,也将品牌引向创意与可续的进化之道。

The tea cosmetics brand Cosmetea subverts the previous definition of cosmetics by innovatively integrating tea with trendy cosmetics. It uses Tea Beauty Science to create modern fashion aesthetics based on natural Eastern sentiments. Nax Architects was entrusted to conceive a store for the brand in Shanghai. Based on the dimensions of spatial design and brand planning, construction of art and an immersive scenario experience, as well as an exploration of differences between natural and artificial realms, the pop-up represents the philosophy of relationships between existing environments and future architecture. Moreover, it promotes the brand’s creative and sustainable evolution.


A fashion destination in old neighborhood


项目位于愚园路,一条历经百年沧桑的马路,凝刻着上海的历史与文脉精华。基地夹杂在愚园路鳞次栉比的老式建筑群中,我们围绕“Taste a beautea”的概念原型展开创作发想,取层叠错落的山峦之型与闲适恬淡的待客之境为设计语汇,用75平方米创造新语境下的美妆零售及社交与体验空间——漂浮山间的茶室

This project is located on Yuyuan Road, a hundred-year-old road that has undergone many changes and represents the essence of Shanghai’s history and culture. The site is surrounded by dense rows of old buildings. We drew on the brand’s conceptual prototype of ‘taste a beautea’ to develop new ideas, and chose the form of layered and irregular mountain ranges as well as a leisurely, quiet and welcoming atmosphere as design languages. Within an area of 75-square-meter, we created a cosmetics retailing, socializing and experiential space, which was conceptualized as a “tea house floating in the mountains”.


Surreal scenes & lighting effects



Taking inspiration from the “view framing” techniques in Chinese classical garden design, we set a modern minimalist stainless steel screen at the entrance. This adds a hazy rhythm while hinting at the “tea house” concept. It also forms a readily recognizable brand personality, which attracts pedestrians to stop and visit.




When gradually entering the store, customers will encounter a long suspended stainless steel table set in the middle of the space, which matches with the stainless steel screen. Moreover, the floating lighting fixtures installed under the old concrete ceiling, along with the unique lighting effects of glass bricks, generate surreal scenes and interplay of light and shadows.


Soft hues & tactile textures



The overall spatial tone is based on an extract of Pu’er tea’s brilliant red color, which is blended into low-saturation pink hues. The pink color palette explains the integration of cosmetics products and tea culture, whilst creating a soothing environment for modern people.



The indirect light source’s smudging gradually results in the diatom mud walls displaying a blank and imaginary Chinese ink wash painting. Moreover, the wall surface’s three-dimensional tactile texture makes people feel that they are experiencing nature’s vitality.


A flexible and variable “magic cube”




The fixed steps composed of glass bricks and metal provide an esthetic that balances lightness and heaviness, and guide customers to slowly walk upwards and freely sit down. The transparent materials enliven the atmosphere, infuses the multilevel space with a “sense of floating”, and invites customers to freely explore inside the store.



The flexibility of spatial configuration and functions is embodied in the pluggable display rack that creates more possibilities for exhibiting products, and the mobile steps made of OSB paneling and perforated metal. The movable stairs are inlaid with Cosmetea product bottle caps, and the brand logo on the caps are highlighted by lighting, which turns the recycled materials into sustainable expressions of art.


项目名称:Cosmetea 新型美妆茶文化品牌店


项目面积: 75平方米



主创设计师:Lina Chan、Yiting Ma、Jo Jiao

摄影师:Raitt Liu


Project Information——

Project Name: Cosmetea Store

Project Location: Yuyuan Road, Shanghai, China

Area: 75 Square Meters

Completion Time: 2019

Design Firm: Nax Architects

Design Team: Lina Chan, Yiting Ma, Jo Jiao

Photographer: Raitt Liu