“人间烟火,时刻潮流!”,爱奇艺自制潮流经营体验节目《潮流合伙人第二季》选址成都高新区铁像寺片区,STUDIOLITE(SLT)创始人凌晨受邀,带领团队为本季主理人陈伟霆,及合伙人欧阳娜娜、范丞丞、THE9-刘雨昕、周扬青打造线下潮流生活体验建筑与空间场景-“FOURTRY SPACE”。将中国传统、先锋文化和国际顶级艺术跨界融合,展现中国年轻人对潮流文化的热爱和对潮流生活的态度。

‘Trending in the world of mortal’. The second season of IQIYI homemade fashion management reality show program ‘The Fourtry’ sited at Tiexiangsi region in Chengdu city. Founder of STUDIOLITE(SLT), Zero Lin was invited, together with main hosts of the show, William Chan, Ouyang Nana, Fan Chengcheng, THE9- Liu yuxin and Zhou Yangqing, to create and forge an architecture space for offline fashion experience. The Fountry space would be a fusion of Chinese traditions, avant-garde culture and top-level international art, revealing the love of trending culture and attitude towards fashion from the new generation of China.







Preface of the project client on trend, place and space:

William Chan: “Trends are a language of communication. We can clearly express our attitude through trends.

Ouyang Nana: “Opening a shop in Chengdu, we can focus more on architecture. But also to show the elements of Chinese culture and fashion.”

Fan Chengcheng: “Trends are becoming more diverse and individualistic, and they don‘t follow the crowd blindly.”

Liu Yuxin: “the trend is everyone’s aesthetic appreciation, the hope can make the trend and the nation‘s thing combine.”

Zhou Yangqing: “Trends are always changing. Just be yourself.”



According to the requirements of the program group, the building and indoor scene should be equipped with four main functions, which are fashion retailing, art exhibition, café region and guiding work area. The indoor scene and props should be flexible in order to meet the requirements of art exhibition arrangement in the shooting process and the spatial compatibility of cross-border cooperation with international top artists.


On this basis, indoor and outdoor space needs to meet the seamless transition and connection between the live shooting of the early stage program and the actual operation in the later stage. The existing ancient building space is far from meeting these functional requirements, therefore we need to reorganize the spatial logic within the limits of the red line, and seamlessly combining the new space and original space together to create possibilities in the ‘Fourtry space’.


“望禅铁像寺,乐水新天府”,本季Fourtry Space起始于成都铁像寺东缘的一座具有川蜀古建形制的滨水建筑,极好的传承着当地的古风与韵味。北侧毗邻护城河道,前侧为铁像寺水街的南广场,几棵巨大的银杏树护其左右,广场前伫立着一块巨大的石敢当,右侧石桥链接滨水平台,桥头有两尊吸水神兽石像。

‘Overlooking the peak of temple, we praise the beauty of water in the land of abundance’ The new season of ‘The Fourtry’ starts from a waterfront building with the shape of Sichuan ancient architecture on the east edge of Tiexiang temple in Chengdu, which inherits the local ancient style and charm. The north side is adjacent to the moat river, and the front side is the South Square of Tiexiangsishui street, protected by several huge ginkgo trees. A huge stone Gandang (traditional Chinese statue for folk exorcism) stands in front of the square. The stone bridge on the right side links to the waterfront platform, and there are two stone statues at the end of the bridge.





The concept of the whole design is “Flow”. Two white color light weight blocks represent the trend and life. They meet in this traditional place as the best response to the revival of life and the rebirth of trend. At the same time, the bullish gradient of the white roof is a modern interpretation of the cornice of traditional architecture, ensuring the continuity of the spirit and terroir of the place. About the wooden structure of ancient buildings, we maximize the structure, and only reshape the necessary facade. The interior space and scene design of the ancient buildings with a modest attitude keeps restraint and balance, and outlines the structure of the traditional buildings through light without too much decoration.


在城市历史片区与毗邻的新建住宅街区的交接处,Fourtry Space的透明玻璃幕墙让建筑体块的存在感降低,模糊了旧与新之间的边界。视线的通透和叠加丰富了场地内外的空间体验,加强街区间的联系与融合。

At the junction of urban historical area and adjacent new residential blocks, the transparent glass curtain wall of ‘The Fourtry Space’ reduces the sense of existence of building blocks and blurs the boundary between the old and the new. The visibility and superposition enrich the space experience inside and outside the site, and strengthen the connection and integration between blocks.



In front of the ancient building, there is a natural courtyard surrounded by extended blocks of building. The central courtyard provides more extension possibilities for the use of the whole venue. Different types of exhibitions and activities (outdoor concerts, art exhibitions, etc.) could be held in here.



Within the transparent extension block, the scattered “bamboo forest” pillars ‘grow’ from the ground to the eaves top, supporting the weight of the roof with the natural posture, weaken the existence of the steel structure support and hide it in the “bamboo forest”. Combined with the flexible and elegant white gauze curtain and shading curtain, the site is open and transparent, and meets the requirements of shading and privacy when shooting.


由3D打印的巨大装置“Flow”飘带围合出建筑的主入口空间,引导大家进入Fourtry Space潮流体验空间。

The “flow” ribbon, a huge 3D printing device, encloses the main entrance space of the building and guides you into ‘The Fourtry Space’ fashion experience space.



The first place to arrive is the double-sided island unit of the coffee area. In the open space along the river, there are exclusive collaboration designed coffee tables and chairs designed by SLT and The Fourtry .




In order to respect the context and memory of the original site to the greatest extent, we use metallic mirror material to restore the original winding stone bridge. The built-in landscape and the retaining of the two water auspicious beast statues (Gong-Fu,one of the nine sons of Loong) in the site express an ancient revival charm and give the original regional culture a new visual experience.



Stepping into the first theme retail space, the “metallic bamboo groves” presents a full sensation of modern Shu(Sichuan region culture) charm. By extending the metallic pole into the main component of the props system, a complete set of retail props system is formed with flexible fasteners and crossbars. The hidden fog system can well extend and enlarge the changes of light and shadow, and the goods will have a sense of tide and mystery under the shadow of smoke.




In the metallic bamboo groves area, more detailed scene modules and props can be added to match the theme art display and commodity display to the greatest extent. Among them, the digital transmission cabin is an art multimedia device under the theme exhibition, using a futuristic sense digital screen as the media of the back board, and creates a unique scene experience with the constantly changing multimedia art content.



Go through the “bamboo forest” and enter the retail space inside the ancient buildings, abandon the complicated colors and redundant decorations, maintain a restrained and modest attitude, add functional display props into the original space of the wood structure, and set off each other with the pure white tone and red brown wood color of the large block surface, so as to interpret the scene of “The strangeness of canvas’s white and the simplicity of the ink’s black “ in the oriental culture.






Gradually up to the second floor, the space symmetry and system of the original wooden building are preserved to the greatest extent. Linear light is used to increase the depth and dynamic of space in east-west direction. The newly added scene props and exhibition system around the wooden column reorganize the space through three high-level rods, high, medium and low, and cooperate with the slender screens hanging on both sides to create a trendy show atmosphere. Wearing and fitting here, the rich visual experience brings the trend vitality to the originally solemn and classic architectural space.


当大家完成二楼的试衣体验回到一楼,会来到Fourtry Space的Pop-up艺术快闪空间。中间定制的独立金属传送装置,为静止的空间来带流动的视觉体验。

Finished experiencing the dress fitting related activities on the second floor and return to the first floor, you will meet the pop-up art flash space of ‘The Fourtry Space’. In the middle of the customized independent metal conveyor, for static space to bring the flow of visual experience.

“真正的潮流与艺术是沉淀在生活之中的,麻将作为一种文化象征物,深深融入在普通人的生活中”-美国当代视觉艺术家 Daniel Arsham 。

“The real trend and art are precipitated in life. Mahjong, as a cultural symbol, is deeply integrated into the life of ordinary people” – Daniel Arsham, American contemporary visual artist.

▲Daniel Arsham x Fourtry 装置

此次 Daniel Arsham为Fourtry创作的大型青铜雕塑“被腐蚀的青铜·發”,选自唐代书法大家颜真卿所书的《多宝塔碑》,糅合了过去与未来的艺术视角,将「破坏」、「腐蚀」、「溶解」的创作手法复合多元的国际化视野,为空间注入当代艺术生命力。

Daniel Ashram’s large-scale bronze sculpture ‘Mahjong- Fa’was influenced by the ‘DuoBaota Bei’ stele written by Yan Zhenqing, a great calligrapher of the Tang Dynasty. It combines the artistic perspectives of the past and the future, combines the creative techniques of “destruction”, “corrosion” and “dissolution” into a diversified international vision, and injects contemporary artistic vitality into the space.


SLT为潮流合伙人打造的Fourtry space,不仅要充分考量节目拍摄和短期经营的使用,同时需考虑节目结束之后做为一家独立买手店存在的建筑空间使用属性。因此我们从非传统的角度切入建筑与空间场景设计,零售空间已经不局限于作为简单的产品容器来展示商品,而是作为整个消费体验中的重要组成部分,甚至可以成为产品的本身。

Consideration by SLT team while designing ‘The Fourtey Space’ did not only fully focus on the use of program shooting and short-term operation, but also consider the use of architectural space as an independent buyer‘s shop after the program. Therefore we began from a non-traditional perspective, to design and reconsider the space and architecture of The Fourtry Space. Retail space is not limited to displaying goods as a simple product container, but as an important part of the whole consumer experience, and even can become the product itself.


As the intersection of Western Sichuan ancient architecture and trend space, following the continuity of regional culture, integrating the natural environment, using avant-guard consciousness and classic aesthetics. ‘The Fourtry Space’ creates a dialogue space for the meeting and recovery of trend and life.





项目名称:FOURTRY SPACE 潮流生活体验空间

设计方:Studiolite 上海洛土设计咨询有限公司

项目设计 & 完成年份:2020










灯光顾问:庞磊-LUMIA Lab